My Immediate Beef With Women

You women that bitch cause he’s out in the garage for an entire Saturday tinkering with his project car. You women that bitch cause he kicks back and plays a video game for a little bit in the evening. You women that nag in the background every Friday night while your man is TRYING to just kick back and relax. What’s your damn problem?

The Unexpected Gift

I was given a beautiful gift today by an unknowing individual. Actually, I was given many gifts today, but this one in particular really sticks out….

My Letter to You….

I’ve watched, and I’ve tried to help. I’ve tried to call out to you. You never really heard though. So here I am, telling you all the things I’ve always wanted you to know.

Ugly Reflections Can Be A Beautiful Thing

After much deliberation, I slowly realized that I was already creating the ‘theme’ of my blog. Reflections. Reflecting what I observed in the world around me. Reflecting what I felt on the inside. Reflecting what so many others were thinking and feeling and fearing as well. And so was born… Rah’s Mirror.

Spilled Milk

Yesterday around supper time, as we were clamoring to our dinner seats and bribing our children to eat their vegetables, a family on the other side of town was frantically searching for their four year old son….