Shattered Dreams

I bit my tongue so hard that I could taste the blood seeping into a puddle that formed in the side of my cheek. It took every once of control in me to not react. Not change my facial expressions. My tone. Not to show my utter disappointment. Sadness. Fear. Shock. Betrayal.

Spilled Milk

Yesterday around supper time, as we were clamoring to our dinner seats and bribing our children to eat their vegetables, a family on the other side of town was frantically searching for their four year old son….

The Demons of my Dreams

I believe that dreams are simply our way of processing the events of the day. No more. No less. For example, I have had very vivid dreams of passionate sex with people other than my husband, dreams of…

Children and Technology: Who Is Really Ruining Who?

She learned that my son had a Facebook page. The next day her children were enrolled in another class.

Apparently, my son’s lifestyle was contagious…. Who knew?!

Do I let him play too many video games? Is he too young for Facebook? Does he watch too much tv? A new addition to the mass of insecurities about raising my children now tormented my mind.