We Are Our Choices

It’s all about the big choices. The choice to continue our education. The choice of which school to go to. The choice of who we marry. Where we’ll live. How many kids we have. Our career choices. Our religious choices…. Read More ›

Big Mac or Salad

The downfall of this occurrence is that the five minute snooze gives me exactly enough time to have this heavy coffee pot up in the air as it smoothly fills the anticipating coffee mug that sits on the counter below it, and the alarm clock begins…

Today is the Day

“No. When we wake up again it will be tomorrow. Today is today.” Audrina laughed to herself, struggling to explain the concept of tomorrow to a five year old….

A Question Posed

Okay, this isn’t a store front. I realize that Halloween was just yesterday. I haven’t gotten the tree set up or anything… just yet. I just happened upon a question on my reader posed by Dream Big Dream Often that really got me thinking. The question was…

Lessons Learned

They watched us drowning and couldn’t find it in their hearts to throw even the smallest of life preservers our way. People I know. People I loved and respected. Good, loving, Christian people. People who said they’d be there for me always. But no one was there, and my heart hardened a little bit more.

The Rest of the Story

It’s a beautiful morning. Beautiful, because I got to sleep in an entire two hours! Beautiful, because the sun slowly rises on the other side of the field glazing the world in a gorgeous orange glow, lighting aflame the warm… Read More ›

Dawn of a New Day

“The results of your MRI show several bulging discs in your neck and a herniated disc in your back that we are unable to fix,” The doctors words were deafening in the small office they sat in.

The Unexpected Gift

I was given a beautiful gift today by an unknowing individual. Actually, I was given many gifts today, but this one in particular really sticks out….