The Unexpected Gift

I was given a beautiful gift today by an unknowing individual. Actually, I was given many gifts today, but this one in particular really sticks out….


2016 Bucket List Update

It’s already eight and a half months into 2016… wait, I probably should have said something more along the lines, “it’s three and a half months until 2017.” Holy crap-a-moly! Only 3 and 1/2 months left!!! It’s well past time that we review that 2016 Bucket List that I conjured up eight and a half very short months ago….

This Isn’t Good Bye…

It pains me to say it out loud, yet whether I keep it in silence or scream it from the rooftops, the time will pass, the hours will tick by, and IT will ultimately arrive regardless of our ignorance or acceptance.

Next Time…

They shrugged their shoulders and said, “Well, next time.” We all knew that there wouldn’t be a next time. But, how many times had I said the same thing?

The Dawn of a New Day

There I was, at the dawn of a new day. The sun sparkled through the windows. The smell of warm coffee drifted through the air. I climbed out of my bed ready to take on the world. My comforting blanket entangled my foot and… I fell flat on my face.