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  • There’s a Beginning to Every End

    All stories have a beginning, but mine, mine starts even before that. In April of 2016 my husband was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. At the time, he had a great job in the city about ten minutes away from… Read More ›

  • Big Mac or Salad

    The downfall of this occurrence is that the five minute snooze gives me exactly enough time to have this heavy coffee pot up in the air as it smoothly fills the anticipating coffee mug that sits on the counter below it, and the alarm clock begins…

  • Beyond Barriers

    Once upon a time there was a fish. This fish lived in a large fish tank where he was very happy. He spent his days swimming happily about, oblivious to the fact that he was in such a large fish tank. Twice a day…

  • The Saga Continues

    It didn’t matter though. None of it really mattered. It wasn’t about him. It wasn’t about what he needed to change or even if he would ever change. It was about her….

  • With a Rebel Yell She Cried, “More! More! More!”

    Come join Rah’s Mirror community on Facebook! Click here to check it out! And other than self promotion (insert slightly ashamed face here) I am devising the next blog post… so stay tuned! In the meantime, happy FRIDAY my friends!!… Read More ›

  • To the rude woman at Wal-Mart

    I empathize with you. More than once I have been trapped behind a group of chatty shoppers blocking the aisle to the item I need. More often than not, at Wal-Mart….

  • Immeasurable Pain

    I awoke in agony from the nagging pain. I felt like I had taken on the Hulk in a ten round boxing match….

  • Be Beautifully You.

    A firework will never be a sunrise, nor will a crashing wave ever find itself to be a calm pond. No matter how hard it tries….

  • The Elephant in the Room

    “I’m on welfare and I voted for Trump.” This single statement has brewed such controversy on my social media news feed. In fact, the entire election has nearly made me desire a complete social media deletion from my list. If… Read More ›

  • A Long Look in the Mirror

    Audrina got up and went into the bathroom, running the cold water and splashing it upon her face. She leaned on the sink taking a long look in the mirror. She saw the laugh lines painted around her eyes. Wrinkles, she thought. They’re really wrinkles. She stared longer, looking deeper. This wasn’t her….

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