The Elephant in the Room

“I’m on welfare and I voted for Trump.” This single statement has brewed such controversy on my social media news feed. In fact, the entire election has nearly made me desire a complete social media deletion from my list. If… Read More ›

A Long Look in the Mirror

Audrina got up and went into the bathroom, running the cold water and splashing it upon her face. She leaned on the sink taking a long look in the mirror. She saw the laugh lines painted around her eyes. Wrinkles, she thought. They’re really wrinkles. She stared longer, looking deeper. This wasn’t her….

Silent Rage

“Why?” She demanded to know, “Why couldn’t you have came back to me?” “Aaron,” was his single word reply. Audrina knew there was more to it than that. Much more. They had talked for ages. Talked through all of Audrina’s… Read More ›

Tantalizing Torment

Before her eyes had even opened that morning she thought of him. Maybe he had been a part of a dream. A small fragment she clung tightly to. Perhaps it was simply an echo of a thought that lingered in… Read More ›

Today is the Day

“No. When we wake up again it will be tomorrow. Today is today.” Audrina laughed to herself, struggling to explain the concept of tomorrow to a five year old….

A Question Posed

Okay, this isn’t a store front. I realize that Halloween was just yesterday. I haven’t gotten the tree set up or anything… just yet. I just happened upon a question on my reader posed by Dream Big Dream Often that really got me thinking. The question was…

Lessons Learned

They watched us drowning and couldn’t find it in their hearts to throw even the smallest of life preservers our way. People I know. People I loved and respected. Good, loving, Christian people. People who said they’d be there for me always. But no one was there, and my heart hardened a little bit more.


“BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP!” The alarm screamed through the silence of the dark room. Audrina had already been awake though. Laying there under the warmth of their blanket, Aaron’s arm lazily draped across her. It was cold, real cold, and…