I used to sometimes joke about being the spawn of Satan. Not so funny now that you know my story. Now that you realize… it wasn’t a joke at all.
The truth of the matter… I am HIS child. How can I not care? Even if only the slightest….


Super Mom: A Single Mother’s Story of Survival

My mom is a reflection of your typical single mother. The soft laughter lines that caress the corners of her eyes, her hands hardened from decades of laborious work, her gorgeous hair glistening with shimmers of silver. Although she is a reflection of one, my mom is not your typical single mother… because my mom’s kitchen apron doubled as a superhero cape.

Children and Technology: Who Is Really Ruining Who?

She learned that my son had a Facebook page. The next day her children were enrolled in another class.

Apparently, my son’s lifestyle was contagious…. Who knew?!

Do I let him play too many video games? Is he too young for Facebook? Does he watch too much tv? A new addition to the mass of insecurities about raising my children now tormented my mind.

Escaping the Winter Blues

The tree has been taken down, the stockings packed away with care, you even managed to remove the very last strands of angel hair tinsel from your carpet. The winter holidays fade into yesterday’s memories as you ease into a new year, when suddenly, you find yourself overcome by the winter blues….

Why I Still Make New Year’s Resolutions

Year after year I make the same list of New Year’s resolutions. Year after year I fall into the 92% that doesn’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. Why? Because I know the loophole in New Year’s resolution statistics….