The Day She Fell in Love~ Part 4

Miranda wasn’t one of those “tie me down” type of girls. Although the next few months with Rich was a whirlwind, she still had her own life that took the forefront of her thoughts….


The Day She Fell in Love~ Part 3

The man came back to Miranda’s house, catching her alone as she prepared to jump in the shower before going to work. The physical attraction was undeniable. The man desired Miranda more than the air that he breathed. Within moments they were back in the bedroom…

The Day She Fell in Love~ Part 2

At nineteen years old Miranda’s life was a focused blur of ambition. Never once did she lose her focus on capturing the American dream. Miranda yearned for the white picket fence, the two and a half children, the hunky husband pulling up in the driveway in his rumbling pick-up truck after a long day at work. John, remained focused on her.

The Day She Fell in Love~ Part 1

Miranda was never one of those girls that was all googly eyed over the boys. Sure, she always had a boyfriend, and just as many crushes on other boys. But within a few weeks when things went beyond the wanting a kiss in between classes to more serious expectations…

Motivational Monday- Meltdown Mode

This post is more than just a vent of my pain, it is a reminder of what anger can do to us. Anger over our situations. Anger over the words said to us, about us. Anger at the actions of others. Anger that boils inside of us for so long that it turns into a rage of pain. A rage of voices screaming inside of us drowning out the whispers saying we are so much more than our situations, more than the words said to us, about us, more than the actions of others against us.