Paint your Picture

Last week I said that I would post “Put it all Together” this week. My attempt at creating consistency, not only in building your confidence in me as a blogger knowing that you can expect a post from me every Wednesday at 6 am, but also that you will know exactly what it is that you can be looking forward to reading at that time.

How’s this working out for me?

Well, not so well. You see, I forgot one vital ingredient to the whole thing.

I forgot to paint my big picture. I forgot to see where the whole thing was going… before I took off running.

I started on a whim, with an idea that formed out of thin air (as most ideas tend to do). As time went on, more ideas formed. Future posts. The best time to share certain ideas.  And long and behold, I flubbed up.

You see, next week I wanted to bring y’all a back to school post. Given it is back to school time here in my little corner of the world. It would be completely irrelevant to share it later, and i’m sure you can understand the immeasurable pain I would take on by holding onto that single idea alllll the way until next year. (Ugh, the agony!!)

I also realized, after publishing my last post, that I wasn’t quite capturing your attention as well as I would like to. Let’s face it… my stuff was getting boring, and my views and likes were showing it. So I started doing a little research and working on re-evaluating my posts and seeing where I could improve. I then wrote up an excellent post, with all the tips and tricks I picked up over the last week. Unfortunately, as great as the post was, it still presented some issues. One, the best name for it was not “Put it all Together” as I had implied you could be expecting. Two, the post very blatantly pointed out that I needed an additional post to keep the series structured properly.

Thus came my problem. I had to wrap up this series quick so that I could switch gears and I also had to figure out a way to include an additional post to wrap up my series in a way that made sense, which left me with minimal desirable options. I could either:

  • Publish two posts in one week, which will lead to my faltering on the strict level of consistency I was working towards.
  • Chose not to post this concept and simply skip to the end of the series, which would be cheating you out of potentially valuable information and leading my blog to be interpreted as unreliable.


  • Just admit the truth… that I flubbed up.

I decided to go with option three, which may or may not end up with similar natural consequences as the first two options seeing as I still need to correct my flub up. But, I’m okay with that.

Sometimes it seems that none of the options at our disposal have a desirable outcome, yet we must pick one. (Because not making a choice, is also a choice with it’s own set of natural consequences.) So, we evaluate our because and we analyze our why… but how in the heck do we chose when none of the options are desirable?

By the picture we have painted. 

You see, I very much want to build consistency and confidence between us. More than that though, I want to have your trust.

The BIG picture is that I want a relationship of trust between us. Sure, I want you to be able to depend on a consistent posting schedule. But more importantly, I want you to depend on my blog and to depend on me. To know, that above all else, I’m gonna keep it real with you. The only available option that may lead to this result is to be honest with you, even if that means sacrificing a piece of that consistency.

Had I painted the big picture for this blog series I would have seen where I was going before I got there. I would have discovered that I had more posts needed than weeks available to post. I would have had more options available to me, such as postponing the series or restructuring it to fit into my desired timeline.

We do the same thing in life, by not envisioning the end goal we miss out on valuable options that were once easily within our reach.

Painting our picture of exactly what we want in life, or even specific aspects of life, is how we build our map. This big-picture becomes a reference point in which we dictate all of our choices, making it much easier to decide. Like a compass guiding you through a thick forest, your big-picture guides you through life.

When you know what you want and what that looks like, you can more easily determine what choices will get you there and which ones won’t. Making those decisions won’t be such a major headache anymore.

Have you painted your big picture yet? What do you want in life? In the person that you aim to be? What does that look like? Share your answers below!


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