Are You Selling Your Soul???

It’s interesting. As we grow we stop believing in fairy tales. Prince charmings and fairy godmothers are things of childhood fantasies. Unicorns and dragons become fictional creatures made to entertain small minds. Miracles become others imaginations, or simply a coincidence of circumstance. True love and soul mates become the plot of make believe. We simply stop believing. We conjure them up to childish play.

Yet we hold onto this one belief that is the largest lie of all. That selling your soul to the devil is some large gesture that you would never ever be foolish enough to fall prey to….

To sell your soul to the devil you must bury a box of mysteriously difficult to find ingredients at some lonely crossroads. You must conjure up the devil with candles and ancient chants. You must spill a drop of blood and spin around in front of the mirror three times. Sign your name on the bottom line of a fancy contract.

Whatever specific aspects of whatever theory, it is some grand invitation to bring the devil into your midst and then a fully acknowledged handing over of the soul…. and on some level, we all believe that.

When really, selling your soul is such a cleverly disguised scheme that we’ve all fallen for it at least once. Most of us have fallen for it time and time again. It matters not if you believe in God or not. Selling your soul means compromising who you are. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

How do you compromise who you are?

Very, very easily. That’s the cleverness of it all. You sacrifice bits and pieces of your self to obtain what you truly desire. That glorious job. The man of your dreams. The car. The house. The comfort. Filling the void of emptiness. But you make these choices, these small seemingly insignificant choices, in hopes of getting what you truly want, while all the while pushing it further and further away.

You compromise your integrity. Your morals. Your self respect. For what? A momentary pleasure. An unsustainable accomplishment. A reward that is never truly what you originally wished for…. and never once did you travel to those dusty crossroads.

When you truly think about it, maybe the movies aren’t so far off. Maybe, we’re just focusing on the wrong parts of the story.



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