I’ve been trying to write, but my dang nabbing pencil tip keeps breaking!

Forget the simple fact that I type on my laptop. It’s definitely the fault of that lousy pencil tip that I haven’t gotten a post out. That’s as good of an excuse as any of the rest of ’em.

Seriously, I haven’t written a post in ages. I haven’t even seriously tried. I check in every now and again, and it honestly amazes me to see those few straggling views.

I don’t mind of course.

Someone, somewhere checks in every few weeks to see if I’ve posted anything new. I haven’t. But to whoever you are, thank you for sticking around.

Next month my blog comes up for subscription renewal. Somehow, as the date draws ever closer that I’ll have to fork over that hard earned dough to keep “Rah’s Mirror” as my own, it becomes a little more pressing that I actually put something on here… Post something…. Anything.

After all, it’ll be a lot easier to convince the hubby that it isn’t wasted money renewing my domain, if it’s not actually completely wasted money renewing my domain.

The weird thing is, I’ve had plenty to write about. But for some reason the words never make it to the page. And when they do, they don’t make it past the ‘draft’ folder. This time, whatever comes out on this page will get published. Not like I can sink my blog any further than I have, right? Maybe?

Guess there’s only one way to find out….

Like I said, I’ve had plenty to write about. In my absence my husband and I went through a pretty major split up. Like the big “D” word was discussed and everything. I learned a good chunk of life lesson on that one. At first I had thought about writing about it. But, what’s the point? Really?  It wouldn’t be authentic anyways. I just don’t have the same emotions about it as I did when it was happening. We made up. Things are good. Why drudge up the past?

Sure, there’s times that I lay there in bed sick as a dog with the alarm clock blaring in my ear telling me it’s time to get the kids off to school and there lays the hubby snoring peacefully in his sleep next to me. And I’d like to just smack him with a pillow.

But there’s also times where I’m probably being a total bitch and he’d likely rather I just smack him with a pillow… if it meant that I’d shut up for a minute.

But most the time, he wraps his arms around me and tells me that he loves me. Can’t really ask for much better than that.

Of course there’s been lots of other topics of discussion to post about as well. There’s been car troubles and house moves. Vacations and illnesses. Revelational  biological dad drama and a good ol’ dash of Mama drama.

But I kinda regret some of the things I’ve posted in the past about some of those topics, and I’m not real quick to go that direction again.  In the moment, I felt what I felt, and I wasn’t wrong in feeling the way that I did. But, I told the world instead of telling the person, and what does that ever solve?

A whole lotta nothing.

And that’s just not good enough for my blog anymore.

It’s well past time to make this thing what it always should of been. Rah’s Mirror deserves to reach her full potential….

So, if you’re one of the great ones that have stuck around or even if you’re new to the site, what are some things you’d like to see on Rah’s Mirror in the future? What have you liked most about the site in the past? Comment below!

In the meantime, keep them views coming and I’ll work harder at giving y’all something to actually view. Have a marvelous Monday folks!







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