Recommended Reading: The Art of Blogging

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time over at The Art of Blogging.

And by great deal of time, I literally mean every spare second I had throughout the day.

I couldn’t get enough of what this blogger had to share! I soaked in every piece of advice given and still have the blog pulled up on my computer to dive back into.

What makes this individuals advice more credible than the thousands of other “how to blog” blogs I’ve come across?

The amount of years he’s been blogging? No.

The number of followers he has? No.

It was the simple fact that his blog was doing exactly what a blog should do. It kept me hooked. Clicking post after post. It kept me engaged. It was fun to read, but informative. And, it told the hard truth in an easy to understand way.

Sure, I had read the basic advice before. I’ve read it a hundred times in a hundred different blogs. Write what your readers want to read. Take time to create a worthy post. Stay consistent with when you post. Engage with your readers. And so forth. And so on.

I simply wasn’t ready to hear it yet. Write what your writers want to read. Pfft. How do I know what they want? Take time to write a worthy post? Pfft. This isn’t English 101. Stay consistent with when you post. Pfft. If they’re loyal they’ll stick around until I’m inspired to post. Engage your readers. Pfft. I am, I’m writing a dang blog post to them aren’t I?

Oh how very little did I understand how it really works.

I’m listening now!

So thank you, The Art of Blogging, for all the time invested in your blog and willingness to share your lessons learned to those ready to hear you.

If you’re looking for that step-up. Looking to grow your blog. Looking to grow as a blogger. This blog is where it’s at. It explains what is truly important in creating a worthwhile blog. It explains why what you’ve believed is important is truly not. When you’re ready to hear, this blog is where you need to listen.

We all have a choice. We can go on blogging. Pushing through the sweat and tears of years filled with mistakes. Or, we can walk in the footsteps of those bloggers who have came before us, apply the lessons they have learned, and when we are ready… when we are really ready… we will become the blogger that, deep down, we all truly want to be.

Swing on over to The Art of Blogging. It’s time well spent.





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