Frustration: How to Cope

I just finished pulling the heart out of an old post and revising and editing it to present the topic in a fresh new way. After hours of work I clicked the publish button…. Then it just sat there. My computer had froze! A “publishing” screen sneered in my face. I ended up losing the entire post! Gone. Poof. Into thin air. As though it had never existed.

Talk about frustration!!

The fact is, we will be dealt with frustrations every day. It’s an inevitable part of life. It just is the way it is. So, how do we cope with it?

How we react to these frustrations is what makes all the difference.

The basis of any survival designed teachings are to improvise and adapt. The basis of any improve class are to improvise and adapt. What is more survival and improve than every day life?!

If you don’t have what a recipe calls for you look around your kitchen for suitable replacements. If you don’t have a yard chair you sit on a crate, stump, cooler, tailgate. If it rains on your parade you pull out an umbrella, hold a sweater over your head, stand under a nearby roof.

There are countless examples in every day life where things don’t line up like expected. In those times, simply improvise and adapt, and then move on with your life. Because life is too short to waste feeling frustrated.

Today I lost hours of hard work I put in. I lost what I thought was a post that would positively affect my readers…. What I ended up with though, was far better!

The truth is, shit happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to step in it!



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