What if You Could Change the NEWS?!

The majority of Americans no longer watch, listen, or read about the news anymore. Why? Because it is all just too negative.

Hundreds killed in Japan due to heatwave. Bomber outside US Embassy. Third suspect arrested in slaying. Six year old girl dies after hit and run. It goes on and on.

It all just becomes too much. We close our eyes to it… We must! It’s the only way to emotionally survive.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if… we could actually change the news?

The problem is that we NEED to know what’s happening in the world around us. We need to form our own opinions. Educated opinions. We need to know who, what, and WHY we are forming the opinions that we are forming.

Otherwise, it will only get worse.

Currently one of the top stories on the news that you’re not watching, reading, or listening to (but oddly still know about) is the children whom have been separated from their parents due to the whole illegal immigration thing.

My heart literally breaks when I think of those children, alone and scared, locked away from all that they know. My heart breaks for those parents, fighting with everything they have, dying inside, wanting nothing in the world but their children with them.

But, who is really at fault that their children are not at home tucked in their beds or laughing happily as they play just like many of our children are that are reading this right now?

Here’s the thing… we have had “rules” of how to legally come into our country and become a citizen for a long ass time now.

We, you know Americans, are not saying that we’re greedy assholes and don’t want those people cluttering our country. Well, some Americans really are saying that. The majority of us aren’t.

We are merely saying that we have a set of expected standards that we want those whom are our neighbors, teachers, gas station clerks, and the like, to follow. We call them laws, which are nothing more than a set of rules.

Rules are the foundation of ensuring a lack of chaos. There are rules EVERYWHERE. At home. At school. At work. At your child’s soccer practice field. All made to keep things rolling smoothly.

I have two minor children; a smart,independent 12 year old boy and a 6 year old girl who you would be hard pressed trying to convince she wasn’t an actual princess. I would die without them. My heart would grieve to depths I can’t even imagine. Life would seem utterly pointless…. I get it. I really do.

I do not lack empathy for the pain of these parents in the slightest, and neither do most of you.

According to a recent poll I read on my SmartNews app, the majority of Americans are infuriated with the heartlessness of alienating these families from each other.

Oddly though, I see rage directed in an opposite direction in nearly every other situation I have ever encountered that is presented similarly to this one.

Remember a year or so ago.. shoot with the speed of news maybe it was only a few months ago, or maybe even a few years ago??? I don’t really know anymore… regardless, there was a pretty well shared article about a man who had his children taken away because he had smoked a couple hits of pot. (We’ll go into the marijuana debate some other day). He was an upstanding father. Did no wrong as far as parenting goes. BUT, he broke a law. A rule. An expectation. And therefor, he faced consequences. Consequences that naturally led to having his children temporarily removed from his care until he could prove he was willing to follow our laws.

The public was outraged. At who? The police that enforced the law? No. We were all mad at the man. The parent. The individual that made a choice to break the law despite the consequences his children would suffer.

A woman was arrested for stealing. She went to jail. Her children were removed from her care. Went into state custody. Taken from all they’ve ever known.

Again, the public was outraged. At who? At the woman. The one responsible for her CHOICE to break the law, despite the consequences it would have on her children.

You see what I’m getting at here right? In ANY other situation we as Americans would be outraged at the careless actions made by the parent responsible.

Except for when it comes to those who made a CHOICE to move to America illegally despite the consequences their children would suffer.

WHAT?!?!? (I’m literally scratching my head here folks!)

If I took my child with me to a rob a bank, consequently losing said child for involving them in criminal activity, would you be mad at the police officer that enforced the law? The lawmaker that wrote the law? The president of the United States? Or, would you be mad at me, the “unfit” parent who knew better and did it anyway?

We’ve all read enough forum posts to know the popular answer to these questions.

We, as Americans, have offered a legal way to become a citizen of the United States. We are not saying stay the fuck out. We are saying, hey come join our club, but if you want to be a member please follow our membership rules. We did the same thing in our club houses when we were ten years old for crying out loud!! The concept really is no different.

Rules. Laws. We have them everywhere. Work. Schools. Homes. Marriages. Court rooms. Soccer fields. Clubs. Our tree forts. EVERYWHERE.

Without rules we have inevitable chaos. Without enforcement of rules, essentially, there are no rules.

When we don’t care what a person, or group of people, or entire media presence does, they will do whatever they want to do and there will be inevitable chaos. When we don’t know, we are essentially saying that we don’t care…. when the reality is, that we do care, and we need to start doing something about it!

We need to know what’s happening in the world around us. We need to form our own opinions. Educated opinions. We need to know who, what, and why we are voting for whom we chose to vote for. Why we support who or what we chose to support. Why we accept what we chose to accept. Why we are making the opinion we make. Why we allow what we are essentially allowing….

THAT is how we change the news! When the news will have no choice but to change.

~Only YOU can prevent ugly news! (totally in the voice of the forest fire bear dude)




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