Walk with me, and hopefully you’ll see, that all along I was really walking with you.

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written and as I read over my last post I think of all that has happened since then.

After leaving the children’s hospital with my grandson we made an immediate and very drastic change in our environment. We stopped smoking in the house. Second hand smoke did not directly cause the ailment that my grandson suffered, but it did magnificently increase his risk of getting it and reduce his ability to fight it. We all know second hand smoke kills. We see the Truth commercials. But just like smoking itself, it’s so easy to ignore until we’re slapped in the face with it.

So no more smoking inside. That made blogging a little difficult for me. Have you ever quit smoking and had trouble talking on the phone or driving or whatever because you’re so used to having a cigarette in your hand? Well, I had a similar situation going on trying to sit at my desk and type without a cigarette in my hand. (I’m outside at the picnic table at the moment. lol)

My grandson recovered amazingly and is a happy, healthy, growing four year old boy! (for those like me that love knowing ‘the rest of the story’)

After that life slowly went back to normal… well, as close to normal as my life ever gets.

Over the past year I’ve been dealt my fair share of difficult blows that I normally would have gripped all over my blog about. I’ve had at least one, i’m sure more, of my normal blow outs with Mom. I left my husband, twice, and then went back. Experienced the anger, pain, guilt, love, and the many, many diverse emotions that come with watching a child suffer through addiction. Paid off our house. Bought my first “nice, new” car. I’ve been hurt and I’ve done the hurting. Judged and been judged. I’ve read. I’ve listened. I’ve prayed. But most of all, over the past year, I’ve grown… boy did I ever grow!

All the experts say that “personal diary” blogs are not the way to go. Despite that, I believe that you will see yourself in some of my story, and that is why I share.

We all may be in different chapters, but at the end of the day, we’re all in the same book. We’re all traversing this life as best we can. We’re all in this together.

As I invite you to walk my journey with me, my only hope is that you know that I am merely trying to walk with you as you travel through your own.




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