We Are Our Choices

It’s all about the big choices. The choice to continue our education. The choice of which school to go to. The choice of who we marry. Where we’ll live. How many kids we have. Our career choices. Our religious choices. Those are the ones that determine the path we follow. Those are the ones that dictate what type of life we have. Right?

Yeah, I thought so too.

The truth is that our big choices really have little to do with what type of life we end up having. So what does?

Our little choices. The every day small, simple choices we make.

Anyone can wake up one day and decide to be vegan. They can shout it from the roof tops. Type it on their facebook status. Tattoo it on their foreheads. That is not what will make them vegan though.

Every day their small choices is what will determine if they are in fact vegan or not. Choosing at each meal to not eat meat. Choosing to read articles about eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in order to get adequate nutrients.

The small things are what create your lifestyle.

No, I am not declaring my desire to become vegan. Bacon loves me far too much to betray it like that.

You can decide to quit smoking, lose weight, change your career, become a super star blogger. No matter what you decide to do or be or obtain, it is the little decisions you make that truly decide.

Choosing to go for a walk after dinner rather than sit and moan over your lost cigarette. Choosing to have a refreshing glass of ice cold water rather than that calorie laden soda. Every little choice adds up. Every little choice slowly binds together creating the lump sum of who you are.

Lately I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and depression. Like gasoline and fire, these two things feed off of each other, snowballing into a perfect storm. I do not chose to have chronic pain, nor do I chose to have depression, but I do have a choice over how I deal with them. Each moment of my day I have a choice to curl up into a ball of despair in my bed or to get up, get dressed, and put forth every effort to battle against these issues.

We can’t control everything. Right? We can’t. That’s the way the laws of the universe work. You might get into a car accident. You might lose the love of your life. You might get fired from that job. Sometimes your parade will get rained on.

In each moment, in each breath, you make a choice. It is in those choices that you truly control everything.


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