Month: July 2017

Time Waits for No One

Yesterday I hit publish on WordPress, closed my tablet case down, and continued debating my next move for another minute or two. I wanted nothing more than to stay where I was, laying on my back with my arms up… Read More ›

The Fight Continues

I wonder what it is like to live without depression. It must be such a free feeling. I bet people without depression don’t even realize how truly free they are. I wonder if my depression affects my mediocre coping skills,… Read More ›

Here’s to the Future

I enjoy reading posts from older woman who pour out the skeletons of their emotions. The ones that rip right to the truth. The feelings of no longer mattering to a society blinded by technology. No longer getting paid any attention in the grocery store, or gas station, or any other place that for so long in our lives men rushed to open the doors for us. A valid excuse to check out our asses. No longer having the luxury of being so damn naive.