Be Beautifully You.

My mind is a rambling jumble of thoughts, emotions, interpretations. Things with no start. No end. I am me.

Sometimes this looks amazing. Brilliant. A work of art unraveling before your eyes. Taking your soul and embracing it in a warmth like no others.

Sometimes this looks tragic. Dark. Distorted. A ravishing storm wreaking havoc on whomever it may cross. Taking your soul and crushing it in a despair that is so like my own.

Some people, they just want a sunrise. A consistent bright warmth that fills them with goodness. I am but a firework. Bold and bright. Filled with a dangerously explosive fire that if taking away, would take away the very beauty that I am. Without the explosion, a firework wouldn’t be much of a beautiful thing.

Some people, they want a calm pond. Still. Lacking of motion. Lacking of relevance. Reflecting nothing but the world that shines upon it. I am but a dangerously crashing wave. Surging in a magnificence that is irreplaceable. Without it’s danger, a crashing wave wouldn’t be much of a beautiful thing.

A firework will never be a sunrise, nor will a crashing wave ever find itself to be a calm pond. No matter how hard it tries….

I will always be me.

 ~”You are the world’s seasoning, to make it tolerable. If you lose your flavor, what will happen to the world?”~ Matthew 5:13


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