The Elephant in the Room

“I’m on welfare and I voted for Trump.”

This single statement has brewed such controversy on my social media news feed. In fact, the entire election has nearly made me desire a complete social media deletion from my list. If it weren’t for a few friends and family that I have no other means of contacting the pure thought of deletion would have turned into serious consideration.

I, personally, don’t think that either candidate was the ultimate best choice that our country could have provided. Given the options though, they were our only choice. Now, let’s get really personal with things I would never reveal, with pride, in a million years….

I am on public assistance. I have also had an abortion. I have a ‘gay’ sister and niece that I fully love and support their happiness. I fully believe that God created a man and a woman to be together. I ALSO fully believe that he created ALL of us to love each other EQUALLY, despite our difference. Above all, God is love. And, I don’t believe that whom you love is a one way ticket to hell… that just makes no sense. That’s not my God.

With that in mind… I voted for Trump. Yes, the anti-welfare, anti-abortion, anti-gay, bigot, racists, asshole (according to the media paid for by Clinton’s campaign).

Why is this of any post worthiness at all? Because, it is driving me absolutely bonkers seeing all the hate. All the disgusting, discriminatory, posts. For example, yesterday I came across a post on my news feed. It was a lovely post, well, in its own way. It was simply a post of an angry parent that their child came home from school filled with blasphemy about the presidential candidates that they heard from, apparently, children at school that heard it from their “uneducated” (and a few other choice assumptions) parents.

The post itself wasn’t bad. In fact, aside from the choice of words, I completely agreed. I truly wish they would make a law where each candidate was only allowed to speak of the good they intend to do and not the bad they claim of the other. This has annoyed me for many years, many elections. I don’t want to hear someone spend millions of dollars putting another person down and it becoming a media frenzy. It is no wonder that the same insults trickle into our homes, our parents, our children, and our school.

My personal opinion, had this specific child came home talking “non-sense” about the candidate his or her parent voted against, nothing would have ever been said. But, I rest my case. The post itself was fine… it was the comment the individual added after the post that irked me.

“I should start tagging all these people I know that are on state assistance that voted for Trump.”

Now, I am apologetic to the fact that I know this person and have heard their opinion of those on state assistance for many years, and that this caused more of a reaction than was necessary. So yes, some history went into the fuel that flamed the fire. The words that cut the ego. So, I did what I shouldn’t have done. I commented.

“I’m on state assistance and I voted for Trump… maybe he can bring back more jobs and we can support our own rather than depend on the state.”

My intentions were, and possibly I should have said so, that not EVERYONE on welfare wants to be on welfare. Not everyone receiving help is lazy. I believe there are some very good people, hard working people, that have no choice but to shamefully reach out for help to make ends meet. I am one of those people.

What this had to do with my choice of a vote I’m not entirely sure.

Yes, kill all the babies, just give me my food daddies every month. Yes, pay me and I’ll stay quiet about the governments involvement in my children’s schools. Pay me off and I will be obedient to YOUR choice of vote. Really?

Personally, I think the welfare system needs a drastic overhaul. Why? Because it IS being abused, by so many people. This abuse is hurting those of us whom truly need it. THAT is why I voted for Trump. Because something needs to change, and MAYBE he will do it.

I had an abortion. The WORST decision of my life. I was young and dumb and scared. I needed education, NOT free choice to kill my child.

I, personally, do not feel that things are the best they could be. I desire change. Great change. Clinton made it apparent to me that she desired no change, Trump made it apparent that he desired change. I agreed with his ideas, though not his choice of words to express them. Just as I agreed with this individuals post, though not their words.

I’m on welfare AND I did my research before I voted. I made an educated decision based off of MY beliefs, just like everyone else.

And that is my real issue with this whole entire political backlash. That it is only ‘right’ to voice your beliefs if they coincide with mine. It is only okay to put down a candidate if it is the candidate I’m putting down too. It is okay to have an opinion, but only if it matches mine.


We all want a great America. We are all in this together. It starts with love. With kindness. With respect. With the words you chose to use.

It starts with you.




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  1. I wish I could insert the sound of a standing ovation here… this post is deserving of one.

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  2. Beautiful! If only more people would realize this train of thought!

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