A Question Posed

It’s getting to be that time of year again friends. The time of merriment and joy. Hot chocolate and warm holiday dinners. Kindness and hospitality. The wonderful, beautiful, charmingly magical time of year.

Okay, this isn’t a store front. I realize that Halloween was just yesterday. I haven’t gotten the tree set up or anything… just yet. I just happened upon a question on my reader posed by Dream Big Dream Often that really got me thinking. The question was…

Do you have any big plans for your life in 2017?  If so, do you have a written plan or written goals?

Now, we all know my 2016 was a total and complete flop. I’m not going to lie. Not one single thing went as planned. In fact, nothing that happened was planned. It was, as I’ve said before, a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad year. We left behind dreams and goals to move back to the country. The hubby was diagnosed with cancer. My all time favorite car, so far, was totally ruined by a dummy who wasn’t paying attention. I’ve been hurt. I’ve cried. I’ve been medicated. I’ve eaten my feelings… and everything else in the kitchen! But hey, it wasn’t all bad and even the me that resonates a little too well with Eeyore, can accept the fact that in every glass that is half empty also lies a glass that is half full.

So, before it hits THAT time of year… The year of merriment and joy. Hot chocolate and warm holiday dinners. Kindness and hospitality. New Years and new resolutions. I beg to question, what is your plan anyway?

So you want to have a great 2017. Sure, who doesn’t? I sure can deal with a good year for once. But, how is that going to happen? Are we to leave it to chance and hope that all falls in an appealing manner? Or do we go out and make it a good year?

If we’re going out, we better get ready!!


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