Bleary eyed from sleep Audrina sauntered into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She wondered why she hadn’t prepared it the night before, if not to set on a timer, at least so that all she’d have to do today was push a button. Or why Aaron hadn’t made it for her as he had so many times before. Dropping her shoulders she knew that it had been a long time since he had fixed her coffee for her. Reluctantly she prepared the pot.

Entwined in an entrapment of gloom, depression sinks its sharp claws into Audrina as she slowly sips her hot cup of coffee and stares out of the dining room window. The rain pattered on the window before her like the troubles beat upon her very soul.

Jut six months before, Aaron had been diagnosed with cancer. As cancer ate away at his bone marrow, suddenly making him unable to work, their lives were flipped upside down. A new, adventurous city life was quickly replaced as they fled back to the country. Back to their family. Before settling in to the country though they were involved in a horrible roll over accident that left Audrina unable to work as well. For months they had struggled with the numerous doctor and physical therapy appointments as well as all that had been added onto their plates.

Since the accident, Aaron’s Aunt Wanda had moved in. Being on a fixed income left her with little options when she was suddenly faced with no where to call home. Though they didn’t have much, Aaron and Audrina offered her a little of the space they did have. Before long, Audrina’s step daughter, Lynn, and her new boyfriend, Dan, were also needing a place to stay. Though it stressed the confines of their small home, Audrina was happy to help them find a place away from the troubles that had found them. Perhaps it would be better for the children having their mother close by. Including the children, Audrina’s eleven year old son Riley, their family friend Jack, and the new comers, the Westgate home had more than doubled in people, from four to ten.

Audrina’s life had become an upturn of activity with all the new arrivals. Higher bills, more expenses to pay. More mouths to feed and clothes to be washed. More everything. Though Audrina yearned for the calm days of before the accident, there was also more love, more laughter, and more joy since the house had filled to its brim.

She finished off her cup of coffee and went change loads of laundry again. She knew before days end that she will wash and dry a half dozen loads of laundry and pick up and vacuum the living room floor just as many times. It was less overwhelming to her now though, knowing that she had put off scheduling more physical therapy appointments. Taking one more thing off of her miles long to-do list. This small move was already making it easier for Audrina to breathe.

The day went on as most days do for the Westgates. The children played and fought, nearly at the same time. The laughter and screams just as loud as the next. Aaron played his computer game and Audrina hid away trying to tap out pages of her book that was due soon. Before long it hit the witching hour, the two hours of the day that are most hectic. Dinner, clean-up, baths, snacks, and finally to Audrina’s peace of mind, bed time.

Wiping sweat from her brow she laid out the blankets upon the floor, curled up, and swiftly fell asleep.


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