Just a Crappy Week, NOT a Crappy Life.

I struggle to write lately. Every morning I sit down and type and type and type. Before it gets to the end though, I crumple it up and toss it in the drafts folder. The problem is, everything just seems so whiny, bitchy, moany. Who wants to listen to a bunch of whiny, bitchy, moany talk?

So, let’s get it over with quickly…. In the last week we’ve had a round of sickness going through the children of our house. They are always a dandy to deal with when they feel ill. Our electric was shut off because the agency that is supposed to be helping us has taken over 21 days to process our application, and is still processing. Thankfully my mom was able to help, but now we owe her money that we need to pull out of other expenses. We also requested help with getting a propane tank installed and filled. Yesterday we got two inches of snow… we have no choice but to pay for the installation and filling of the tank ourselves. I had to fight for over 9 days past when they were supposed to send it, to get my wage loss payment sent to us. Due to this it will not arrive before Halloween. I’m still unsure how we’ll have gas to get to town to take the kids trick-or-treating, let alone to our appointments and their school parties and parades. We had to cancel our appointment to have the Orkin man come out to our house due to having to come up with the money for the propane. Our truck still needs full back break lines and breaks as well as better winter tires, as the ones on it are close to bald. We have yet to build a bedroom for the girls. Winter is upon us. And, to top all of that off, my five year old is going through a serious case of separation anxiety that is tearing me apart inside. I’m nearly at the end of my rope of ideas to help her through this and every day she seems worse and worse. It kills me on the inside seeing her so upset.

Oh, and I got my pain injection shots the other day and have been miserably sore ever since.

And that’s just the top of the list of unfortunate troubles of the last week, there are many many more little inconveniences that have poked their annoying little heads into our week as well.

It’s just been a horrible, miserable, no good, very bad week.

I sit down every morning and I write. I write and I write and I write. Before long all of the immediate injustices in the world around me that are dragging me into their dreadful pit of stress come leaking out onto the screen. Before I finish I realize that all I have managed to accomplish is a long drawn out whiny, bitchy, moany piece of writing that gets chucked into the drafts folder for deletion on another day.

The truth is though, I MISS writing. No… I miss hitting that publish button! So I did the next best thing I could think to do. I wrote my whiny, bitchy, moany piece and got it all over with. Out of my system. Good riddance!

Because it’s just a crappy week… but NOT a crappy life!



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