How to Make Mom’s Jam

  1. Get a whole bunch of grapes. Like, a LOT of them, not just one bunch! (3 pounds of grapes and 3 pounds of sugar is the recommended ingredients) 14445942_648647775310095_7060014306312365506_n
  2. Pick grapes off the stems and wash grapes in cold water. Also measure how many you have for future reference. 1 cup of whole grape equals 1 pound. 1
  3. De-skin them. This is easy. Just split the skin a little bit and squeeze the grape out of the skin. Put your grapes (pulp) in a big stainless steel pot and your skins in a bowl for use later. (okay if a little skin sticks to pulp)14292249_648647821976757_1665079376634512924_n.jpg
  4. Bring grape pulps to a gentle boil over medium heat. Boil your grapes for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. When grapes are mushy, remove from heat. 14322633_648647861976753_6030961883895284708_n
  5. Use a sifter colander and spoon to squish the boiled grapes into a large bowl, shaking sifter occasionally, until all liquid mush goes through the colander. Discard seeds. th14354887_648647898643416_226130968474365516_n.jpg
  6. Warm sugar in cake pan in 150 degree oven while doing step 7.14329942_648647948643411_1440479421204449983_n.jpg
  7. Mix your liquid mush and your skins together in steel pot and boil again for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.  14359269_648647921976747_1237112702811701167_n
  8. Slowly add warm sugar 1 cup at a time while mixture is in a rolling boil. Stirring constantly. (You need 1 cup of sugar per 1 pound of grapes, measured in step 2)   The best way to test your jam to ensure it is ready to jar and store is to freeze a metal spoon and dip it into the boiled jam, if the jam on the spoon slides off in a thick sheet like substance it is done, if it is still liquidy and drips off of the spoon easily you need to boil a little longer. 14440837_648647978643408_5483087520826245473_n.jpg
  9. Pour your jam into your preferred packaging and enjoy wonderfully scrumptious homemade jam for up to two months! (2 months is the ‘safe’ refrigerator life of this product) 14358739_648648025310070_8561649039889291635_n.jpg
  10. ENJOY!!!

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