My Immediate Beef With Women

Ladies, I know we don’t have it easy. Since the woman’s rights movement we work HARD every day living in a man’s world from 9-5 and still keeping house and raising kids.

In fact, I totally get it. I have to work 60 hour weeks to bring home LESS than the average man can in 40 hours. After work I come home and clean and bathe the children and help with homework and help pick out school outfits and sign field trip slips and do laundry and prepare for the next day at work and schedule appointments and on and on and on, it seems more days than not.

I get it, it’s exhausting. Sometimes, I think that’s the problem. I don’t think we actually mind our husband’s ability to actually relax. I think we are envious of it.

At least many of us are.

Here’s where my immediate beef with women come in. All those women that whine and moan and bitch and nag because their guy is playing a video game in their down time.

The same women that go get their nails done. Kick back and watch Pretty Little Liars for three hours straight. Soak in a hot bubble bath. Drink a glass of wine in the evening. Desire a date night without the kids at least once a month. All this is okay. It’s more than okay. You DESERVE it. You’ve worked hard for it. You NEED your downtime to refresh and meet the next day with your best foot forward.


That’s it. That’s my beef with you. You women that bitch cause he’s out in the garage for an entire Saturday tinkering with his project car. You women that bitch cause he kicks back and plays a video game for a little bit in the evening. You women that nag in the background every Friday night while your man is TRYING to just kick back and relax.

What’s your damn problem?

He’s home. He’s safe. He’s sound. He’s not out bar hopping. He’s not shacked up in a hotel with the local whore. He’s not gambling your life savings away. He’s not drinking his liver into non-existence. He’s not doing drugs, robbing banks, killing people.

He’s not doing ANYTHING wrong.

Is it that hard to let your man have a few hours to himself? Really, it’s okay if they’re not up your ass 24/7. It’s more than okay… it means you get to soak in a hot bubble bath, enjoy a glass of wine, watch three hours of Pretty Little Liars.

He’s worked all week too. He’s sore and tired and needs to decompress. He’s had bosses and co-workers breathing down his throat. He’s faced challenges and frustrations all week long too.

Let him be.

Go find something else to do for a little while. ENJOY that when he ‘comes back’ you will get to be with the best part of him because he is refreshed and de-stressed.

Sure, we may put in more hours. We may get paid less. And it sucks. We work HARD! But, that does not take away from what they do every day. They work hard too. In fact, most of those ‘better paying jobs that guys get hired for and not girls’ are tough fucking jobs to do. They’re messy and gross and dirty and HARD.

Give your guy a break and let him enjoy some down time WITHOUT you up his ass demanding he listen about your day and what unbelievable gossip Betty Sue Lou was spreading through the work place today and how this happened and that happened. Give him a break, cause no one else in his daily life does. Grab a good chick flick and a bag of popcorn and let him enjoy a dang nabbing video game or working on his car already.

And that my fellow women, is my immediate beef with you.

Just, let him be. Be his peace in an overwhelmingly demanding world. His comfort in the midst of chaos. Don’t add to his stress, let him decompress.



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  1. Interesting. It’s a fine balance. Openness and fairness does play a big part.

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  2. Amen sister!!! My hubby works his ass off, at a nasty boat yard, in the hot sun, pouring rain, snow, storms, you name it.. Sometimes 12 hrs/day and 7 days/week! Even if it’s not overtime, it’s HARD work and it sucks, but he does it anyway.. to provide for his family. He doesn’t love his job, he actually hates it often, but he does it for us, for his family, because he loves us!
    Kudos on the Pretty Little Liars mention… it’s one of my guilty little pleasures. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Reblogged this on The Voices In My Head and commented:
    Listen to her! She’s got a great point!!

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  4. Wow! The honest truth. I love it πŸ‘

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  5. Amen!! Thank you! We seemed to have entered an era of running men down, disparaging roughly HALF the population for their gender… and it’s disappointing. I love men, and enjoy their company. They need a break too.

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  1. My Immediate Beef With Women – word2yourmother

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