Catching up over Coffee

It’s been a little while. I sorta disappeared. Really, I haven’t though. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and see what I’ve been up to….

The last week has been a really busy one for me! Nothing particularly different from the ordinary has happened, at least not on the outside. On the inside though, a lot of wonderful things have taken place!

Since writing my 2016 Bucket List Update and the follow up post about theΒ Book Challenge, I realized that if I really wanted to get these things done this year I was going to have to recenter my focus. Time was running out and my checklists weren’t getting any shorter.

I knew I had about 3 months left of the year, a little longer, but December is such a busy month already. That left approximately 90 days to complete both of these lists! It’s funny how in some situations 90 days can seem like an eternity…. This was not one of those situations! 90 days was going to go by in the blink of an eye. I knew it, and it scared the procrastination right out of me!

I set about truly focused on my goals, even if some of them seemed ‘so last year’ after all we had been through since I had written them. I began using my free time to get through the current book challenge book I was reading; “a book of my favorite color.” This particular book happens to be a book with some awesome tools at self improvement through the main concept of weight loss/healthy living. From this book my brain began crafting a glorious idea.

With the help of the book, I focused on the highest priority goals and set about an action plan to accomplish them before the end of the year. There are some goals I might not get to. In fact, there’s one goal I know I will not get to. “Bonfire Party on the Beach.” I just can’t do it. We don’t live there anymore. We don’t have the gas to be wasting to get there. Our current life situation just makes this so low on the priority list that it’s barely dangling by a thread at the bottom of the sheet of the paper. (and paper doesn’t even have threads, so you get how not even on the same page it truly is.) By the time I could reasonably pull this off it’ll be too cold to enjoy it anyway. It’s okay though. If it miraculously happens, cool. But, I’m okay with it not happening as well.

As for some of those other goals though… I am NOT okay with them not happening!

When I was about 18 or 19, way back in the beginning when I smoked for the sole purpose of it being cool and feeling ‘all grown up’ I told myself something. You see, I knew better than anyone the real dangers of smoking. My dad had died from emphysema and COPD right before my eyes. I watched him smoking his lungs away until the very moment he slipped into unconsciousness. I buried my own father half way through my senior year of high school because of what cigarettes had done to him. So, I knew….

About a year later, there I was with a pack of Marlboro Reds in my hand because it was like so cool and boy was I so grown up! Honestly, I tear up at my own stupidity of that age… but even then I knew I wouldn’t go out like my dad did. I told myself, at 18-19 years old, that if I was still smoking when I was 30 that I would throw them down and never touch one again.

Tomorrow I turn 32. Here I sit on the end of my couch, coffee by my side, cigarette in my hand.

I wrote on my bucket list that I wanted to stop smoking. Boy did I ever want to stop smoking. I just never followed through. Ever since I quit years ago for a little over a year on my first quit attempt, just to start back up, I’ve struggled to quit again. The longest I’ve ever made it was almost to one month smoke free.

As I was re-writing my bucket list during that post I realized that I was nearly out of time to stop smoking for three months before crossing it off the list. I also realized that, coincidentally, there were exactly 90 days between my birthday and the 1st of December. Then I remembered little 19 year old me so naively saying, “If I’m still smoking at 30, I’ll throw em away like yesterdays macaroni and cheese.”

It’s time to throw them away already.

In the past week I’ve committed to three 90 day challenges in support of my bucket list for this year;

  1. Stop smoking from 9/1 to 12/1. Now, I have absolutely NO intention of starting up again simply because the clock struck 12:01am on December 1st. I simply am choosing to focus on each 90 day chunk at a time, rather than focusing on foreverrrrrr. ‘Cause, forever is long fricken time! Reward: real date with the hubby!
  2. Lose 30 pounds in 90 days. I know this will take work. I will have to get my ass off the couch when I don’t feel like it. I’ll have to eat salads when all I really want is a giant greasy cheeseburger. I’m going to have to drink….. water! But, I can do this!!! Reward: $50 clothing shopping spree!
  3. $1,000 in 100 days. Okay, so this one goes a little past the 90 day mark, but 10 dollars a day was much easier to track than the like 10.3337774446438588437657284 dollars a day that the math on 90 days turned out to be. I’m already running into some issues with this (and my count doesn’t even start until tomorrow!) I have faith that I will persevere, work extra and make up for lost time… errr, lost money. (There’s some special people in my life that need my financial help right now, and I have the means to help them. People are always more important than what’s under the tree so, I’m okay working extra hard to make up for the days of $10/day that helping them is cutting into.) Reward: ummm, Christmas! That is reward enough!!

As I said before, 90 days goes by in the blink of an eye. I have an opportunity begging at my feet to take this single blink and use it to change my life!

But, that isn’t what has really taken up all of my time lately. What has taken up my time is the realization that everybody else had this same opportunity begging at their own feet… if only they knew it.

If only there were somebody to point it out to them…



Who could fit that role???

Yup, it finally dawned on me too, in a dream of course. Apparently my conscious mind isn’t the quickest!

I have created a Facebook group called “90 Day Challenge.” The concept of the group is precisely what I am doing for my own goals. Set a specific, reasonable goal that can be accomplished in 90 days. Pick a reasonable, yet perfectly suiting, reward for hitting said goal. Achieve together! The group is intended to support, encourage, and motivate others through achieving their goals. To be there in times of need and in times of praise.

This group has stolen me from my blogging world for a moment while I got it to a functional stage. And, to be honest, figured out exactly what the heck I was doing!

Feel free to search for the group on Facebook and join! Even if you don’t have a goal, you may have the words inside you that are exactly what someone will need to hear. Plus, you never know when the urge to finally put that hidden dream into action will occur!

But, this isn’t a promotional post… So, onto other things.

I’ve been working hard at getting back to work. Currently aiming for the 9th!!! I finally started physical therapy and see a neurosurgeon and the pain clinic next week. It’s been easier to get around and be productive, though it still does cause pain. (Frequently the cause of me being up soooo long before the sun.) I’ve realized that the degenerative disc disease is just not going to go anywhere. All I can do is work with the doctor to get the pain low enough where I can tolerate working through it. Of course, he won’t give me a work release till he gets an okay from the neurosurgeon. But, it’s cool with me, I know he’s just making sure he’s got my back. (…. Literally!)

My husbands cancer numbers are looking AWESOME!!! But, I think the treatment has hit his body just enough where he’s starting to get sick more often, catching whatever is in the air. I pray that his body levels out and this isn’t an ongoing issue he has. He’s a super tough cookie, but I know deep down it’s making him miserable being so susceptible to everything. Like anyone, he just wants to stop being ‘sick’ already… and it’s still quite a lengthy road ahead. But, he’ll make it!

We’ve been taking care of two, occasionally three, extra little lovely children for about a month. Routines have shifted and we’ve restructured to accommodate. Of course, only for school to start just as we’re settling in to one routine… having to shift into another. Our extra little loves are home all day anxiously waiting for the other two to come home from school to play… and keeping me from loafing on the couch lost in my blogging world. I love it though. Although, I haven’t had the time to pour myself into my hobby, or fold the ever growing pile of clean clothes in our room, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way! Besides, I’m not actually in a hurry to fold the clothes!

Life’s been good. We’ve been blessed. And, I’ve very much enjoyed this morning cup of coffee with you!! But, I probably should try to get some of those clothes taken care of while the littles are still sleeping. πŸ™‚

Until next time….



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  1. It’s so great to see that things are looking up for you guys!! Congrats on your husband’s numbers, I pray that he will feel better every day!!

    The OB doctor I work for has a “speech” if you will.. he lives his life by it and shares it with everyone. It sounds crazy but is truly simple and it honestly works if you can give it a real thought and just go with it. Obviously, I can’t put it out there like he can, but in a nut shell it says this:
    Everything you do starts with a thought. When you speak a thought out loud (literally), and repeat it enough, your brain starts to make certain decisions that actually move toward the said thought. He says that everything begins with a thought. It sounds like some weird new age crap (not that I think new age things are crap, but you get what I mean). It’s true and I’ve seen the results myself. For example, if you look in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Things like “I need to lose 30 pounds”?? That is honestly a negative thought towards yourself. Instead, try repeating I am thinner and thinner, I look beautiful, things like that. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, just say it.. “I am perfect”. Repeat it.. eventually you subconsciously make decisions that will ultimately make these statements true. The same with smoking.. say things like “I hate cigarettes”, “Cigarettes are nasty”, anything of that sort, eventually they will taste nasty and your want for them will go away, for good. This works for anything you need to change. “Thank you God that my life is better and better”.. When asked how you are, the only acceptable response is better and better.. that way, you are always reaching towards bettering things in your life. This, unfortunately does not work on others, it is something only a person can say for themselves.. Your husband can tell you every day how perfect you are, your brain only listens to your own voice.
    I hope this makes some sense to you. Trust me, give it a go.. make it another 90 day challenge even.. It is a struggle to remember, to train yourself to speak like this, but it does work..
    I can’t wait to see what progress you have to report after these first 90 days!
    PS I searched facebook for the 90 Day Challenge, couldn’t tell which one is yours, could you maybe post a link? I’d like to get in on it, I’ve got plenty of things to change for the better.. we’re all a work in progress. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the advice, I love it! I’ve heard of similar things/ideas. Like the positive affirmations things, but I really like the way your doctor puts it, it made so much more sense! And wow, I just looked up the group and see what you mean! There’s alot of em, lol. Guess I hadn’t noticed because on my end my group is listed first. Anyways, here’s a link for anyone interested!! (It is a closed group to promote the idea of words being ‘safe’/private within the group, but your request to join will be accepted shortly after we get it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yup that’s fine! sorry it took so long 😦


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