The Unexpected Gift

I was given a beautiful gift today by an unknowing individual. Actually, I was given many gifts today, but this one in particular really sticks out. This person, as a new reader to my blog, naturally went through my archive reading posts that sparked their interest.

We all know when it’s happening, all those single view counts added to our old posts. Typically though, they don’t comment or like or anything. They simply read, scrolling along, deciding if our blogs are ‘follow’ worthy or not.

This individual though, they commented.

I had written a post just over a year ago called Bloggers, please, HELP ME. At the time I received the comments I needed to hear, advice on better ways to balance the demands of life… but I never expected to receive what this commentor gave; a demand to look back to a year ago.

Sure, I could have refused to. I could have acted as though I never saw the comment. But, I just can’t do that. Besides, when I read the questions from my notification feed my curiosity got the best of me and I too, had to re-read the old post.

I enjoyed responding! Legitimately. Whole heartedly.

It was great fun looking back at things I was so very worried about a year ago. Things I was seriously stressing about. How childish and small they all seemed now. How much has changed since then. In life. In my blog…. In me.

And, that was merely a year ago.

Lately I’ve been into this ‘God thing’ as was mentioned earlier. (lol) I’ve also been pretty into realizing that I’ve actually gotta take care of this body of mine, ’cause there ain’t no other one hanging in the closet for when this one wears out.

With the blood pressure issues and the degenerative disc disease (and the accident, of course!) I really started to realize how my choices so easily turned into incurable health issues that I didn’t want to have. Now, I can’t really cure the blood pressure or degenerative disc disease (trust me, I’ve Googled the Google out of that subject!) I can make changes to allow my body to better handle those problems, or at the very least not plummet myself into fatal disaster. (Ya know, like cutting my high sodium intake and doing physical therapy.)

There are things I CAN chose to not have. I can chose to not have COPD or emphysema or lung cancer added to my list of future diagnosis. I CAN chose to not have high risk of heart attack or stroke or diabetes added to my list of future diagnosis. I CAN chose to stop smoking, eat wiser, exercise daily and BE healthy so that no matter what does end up on my list of future diagnosis my body will be best equipped to deal with it.

Besides, God gave us these body’s… shouldn’t we be treating them with a bit more respect??? (Just a thought)

Well, lately I’ve been pretty into this ‘healthy lifestyle thing’ and this ‘God thing’. But, I’ve been pretty hard on myself.

Why can’t I just stop drinking coffee already? Why can’t I just stub out a smoke and be done? Why can’t I drink nothing but water, eat nothing but vegetables? Why can’t I exercise 25 hours a day? Why can’t I read the bible front to back in one sitting? Why can’t I pray perfectly? Why can’t I give my life to God like “they” gave their life to God?

Okay, so I haven’t been THAT hard on myself but, you probably get the idea. I was really beating myself up about everything I hadn’t been doing.

I never once allowed myself a pat on the back for all I WAS doing.

I’m learning every day how to be a “better” Christian. (I quote better because I don’t think Christianity is a ‘I’m better at it than you’ thing. I think it is a personal journey of growth where you are only better than yourself from day to day, lesson to lesson.) I’m learning what foods are “good” for high blood pressure people to eat and what foods should be avoided. I’m drinking less coffee than I was. I’m smoking less cigarettes than I was. I am eating more fruits and more vegetables than I did. I am more active than I had been (recently). I have read more about the Bible and Christianity daily. I have read others devotions and personally reacted to their reflections of what they have read. I have prayed. (What in the world is a ‘perfect prayer’ anyway?! LOL) I have gave my life to God!

I have done a LOT to be proud of!!!

What in the world was I thinking focusing on all that silliness that I haven’t done?! I’ll get there… there’s no timed deadline to this personal growth thing.

By looking back at that post, all those worries that were so big yet have become so small, it reminded me that I was naively focusing on all the wrong things. I was so bent out of shape about making this blog successful. (My measure of success, of course.) Ironically, it became successful the very moment I stopped worrying about it becoming successful. It became everything I wanted it to become just by letting it evolve naturally. By adding just a little dash of me to it everyday.

That’s what all my goals need. They don’t need a giant overwhelming heap of stressed out me. All they need is a dash. A step. An action. For me to be just a little bit closer than I was the day before.

Ironically, just as the blogs success came when I stopped focusing on the wrong things, my motivation towards a healthy, God centered lifestyle soared when I stopped focusing on all I hadn’t been doing and truly saw all I had already done.

And that, that was the beautiful gift given to me by an unknowing commentor. A gift that stuck out. Completely unknowingly, this person gave me exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it!

The moral of the story: focus on how far you’ve came and you’ll reach how far you have to go so much sooner! You may never know the positive effects your own words may have for someone hearing them… don’t ever hesitate to speak what is placed on your heart to say!



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4 replies

  1. I am happy to read this post 😊

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  2. And don’t forget, Sarah, by His cleansing, we don’t have to ever try to be “better.” He has made us whole and forgiven, and all we have to do is let Him work in us. Quit trying and let ths Spirit work a change in us.

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