2016 Bucket List Update

It’s already eight and a half months into 2016… wait, I probably should have said something more along the lines, “it’s three and a half months until 2017.”

Holy crap-a-moly! Only 3 and 1/2 months left!!!

It’s well past time that we review that 2016 Bucket List that I conjured up eight and a half very short months ago….

1) Put my writing out there

I opted for the ‘legitimately attempting to write a novel for future publishing purposes’ option on this one. It would pretty much defeat the entire purpose if I spoke too much on that one… after all, SOMEONE has to buy the novel some day to make it a success. Sorry, no spoiler alerts here!

2) $1,000 in Christmas Club Account

Okay, so this one is a complete no go just yet. (I know, I know, three and a half very, very, VERY short months!!) I do have a little in the savings account though and plan to get that balance higher and higher! So… this one might end up trickling into next year. We’ll see. Not losing hope just yet!

3) Go BIG for Halloween

It’s still August… I get to celebrate my birthday, at the very least, before thinking about this one! (It’s only fair people!!)

4) Real date with the hubby

Does the cancer center count? Ha. Ha. Okay, not so funny. No, we haven’t went on my ‘desperately wishing for’ date night. We still have a few more months… so just maybe we can still fit it in. 😉

5) Bonfire party at the beach

Most of you know that this year threw quite the number of balls at us to juggle and that we ended up moving away from that awesome park along the beach that allowed bonfires. Nope, we haven’t even been back to the city since we’ve moved… or the amazing bonfire park to check this one off the list. BUT, after we got settled into our new home we did have a good 10 x 10 foot wide, 30 foot high totally epic bonfire in our backyard! That sorta counts….. right?

6) Complete 2016 book challenge

I was doing great on this one. Had a good number of them crossed off. But, the list was lost among the many things that were left behind when we moved. (Yes, I realize that I have access to the list by scrolling through my ever growing archive of blog posts. I haven’t quite got to doing that just yet.) So, I have to do a double check and get back to you on how far accomplished this one is.

7) Hit my goal weight

Since moving to the country I lost 20 pounds. ( I know right, TWENTY!!!) And that was without doing anything but moving to the country. Since recently being diagnosed with high blood pressure, among a host of other annoying aspects of aging, I have began making some changes to my overall nutrition and activity level. So… I’m not beating myself up about this one. BUT, I am persevering and getting there the HEALTHY way.

8) Stop Smoking! ( 3 months before cross out)

Another item on the “I’ve grown too old to keep beating up my body” list of things that need changed. We all know smoking is just a miserable habit, so it should come to us as no surprise that it also goes along horribly with high blood pressure issues. (My current battle is cutting the caffeine. Nicotine is next on the hit list! No, I have not hired a hit man…. yet.)

9) Pick focus word of the year

CHOICE! That’s the word I picked. Crossed off the list!

10) Take kids “back to school” shopping

Long and behold, with all the trials and tribulations we have been thrown through recently (many of which never even made it onto the pages of my wonderful blog) we managed to get this one crossed of the list as well. The kids had a blast! And, I must admit, although it hurt my wallet (and that beautiful savings account balance), it was a lot of fun to be able to take them school shopping the way “normal” kids do.

Okay, so three items 100% checked off the list. That’s not too awful, considering I completely lost focus of the ‘2016 Bucket List’ all together. Guess that just leaves a whole lot of work to put into the next 134 days!

How have the last eight and half very, very short months treated you and your ‘New Year, New Me’ lists??



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