The Greatness of Gratitude

What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today? Would you have a lot? Or only a little? Were you grateful for your morning coffee? Your children? Spouse? How about your car or the gas that’s in it? Your job? Your friends? A roof over your head? How different would your life really be when you opened your eyes?

What are you most happy about in your life? If you made up a list of ten things, what would be on that list? ( The Seeds 4 Life )

In life, I am most happy;

  1. That we successfully moved back home. Have our own house. A means to pay the bills.
  2. That my husbands cancer numbers are better at every appointment. That as the days pass he grows stronger and the cancer grows weaker.
  3. That we have the strength and love to give the amazing children we have under our roof a safe and happy home and to be the guiding support that our grown children need.
  4. That my husband and I have become a team; working together to meet our goals, rolling with the punches, and always making more goals to strive for. That we always push forward and never give up on our future.
  5. That I have a loving and supportive group of family members and friends.
  6. That the grass in our yard finally received its much needed rain.
  7. That my mother is with a wonderful man that treats her right. That my father is doing his best to attempt a real relationship with me.
  8. That I’ve been given the opportunity to truly see how important my health is and that I still have the ability to change the path I was on for the better.
  9. That I’ve learned that paying attention to how you spend your money is very important, but how you spend your time is exponentially greater in importance.
  10. That I’m alive. Breathing. Smiling. Laughing. Crying. Feeling the wind and the rain. Seeing the sunrise and the stars in the sky. Listening to giggling children and chirping birds. Smelling the flowers. That I am blessed beyond measure.

Practicing gratitude is one of the most important things when it comes to finding true happiness. When you express gratitude over something, the universe hears and will give you more and more of that which you are grateful for. That’s how the laws of the universe work – it’s a give and take kind of relationship.

When you show gratitude that also brings your soul’s energy frequency to a higher level, a happy and content level. And when you are up there, radiating happiness and contentment with everything beautiful in your life, you will very soon see that it’s going to affect other parts of your life, that maybe aren’t as great as you want them to be yet.

Whatever frequency your soul is on – think of it as a radio station – is what the universe can hear and that’s what it will respond to.

So express gratitude every day, for the small stuff and for the big stuff. It won’t only give you more and more joy, it will also make you a better person, and it will bring you all the goodness in life that you are still wishing and waiting for.

( The Seeds 4 Life )

So the question remains… What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today? What are you grateful for?


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