My Letter to You….

I’ve watched you for awhile now as you’ve persevered through all that you’ve been through. I watched through all your pain and all your heartache. I watched so many times as you tried relentlessly to understand, at the risk of hardening your own heart. I’ve watched, and I’ve tried to help. I’ve tried to call out to you. You never really heard though. So here I am, telling you all the things I’ve always wanted you to know.

I’ve been trying to tell you for so long that you really are an amazingly wonderful person, and I’m not just saying that. You’re ridiculously funny at times. Your genuine laughter lights up the room sparking others souls. Your ability to see the irony in so many things and take each thing in stride is highly admirable. You have such a big heart. You love endlessly, even those least deserving of it. You continuously forgive those who have hurt you. You see the potential in people when they can’t even see it in themselves. With the innocence of a child, you still believe that the world is good and people are trustworthy, even after all you’ve been through.

You are smart. Beautiful. Kind. You are a great mother and a wonderful wife. You are strong. Courageous. Ambitious. You are a silent leader.

That boy that broke your heart was nothing more than a lesson. Oh how you felt it so deeply. I cried for the agony you were going through. As with all the heartaches you have been through, they were all simply a lesson that led to the beautiful soul you are becoming. You tied up far too much of your self-esteem into that boy. You listened to him as my words fell on deaf ears. Your not what he thinks of you. You never were. Oh how I shook my head as you tried over and over and over again to build a friendship where one simply could never exist. The repeated failure of which dragging your self esteem even lower. He was merely a lesson, no more or no less.

I’ve watched as distance grew between people you cared so deeply about. I saw how it pained you when you realized that best friends won’t always be what they once were. I watched you learn that people naturally grow apart in time. I watched you struggle so hard with letting them go. I tried to tell you that while some drifted away, others drifted closer to take their place. I tried to tell you that God brings the people into our lives that we need. I tried to make you open your eyes and see all the people around you that you were blocking out and pushing away, simply because you were hurting so badly over the ones that weren’t there. I tried to help you through that, but you didn’t hear me.

Right now I know you’re going through a hard time. I know the challenges are coming at you faster than the speed of light. I know…. That’s why I’m here child. I’m here telling you everything I’ve been trying to tell you for so long. That you are capable of growing from this. That you are smart and loving and kind and beautiful and funny and brave and ambitious. That the world needs you. Uniquely quirky you.

I’m here to tell you that…

You have what it takes to truly be all that you strive to be. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

Now it’s time to start believing in yourself.


Your Inner Voice


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