Daily Balance Needs and ME!

Some of you may recall an eternity ago when I was participating in Writing 101 which gave me an ‘assignment’ every day that I blogged about or in reference to. Well, an eternity later and the ones I haven’t gotten to are still sitting in my inbox. So, since I’m awake at 3:41 am and can’t clean the house due to it possibly waking the people in my home who do occasionally sleep, I figured I’d see what special fun Writing 101 had in store for us!

So what did I find? Oddly enough, instructions to answer some relatively basic questions:

  • What do you do when you’re not writing?
  • How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed?
  • What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

The funny thing was that absolutely none of my answers were as relatively basic as they probably should have been.

Hmmm. What DID I do to ‘unwind’?

I’ve gathered that I’m just an un-unwindable person. My relaxing is not what is generally accepted as relaxing. I clean house or write or do yard work or organize or such things. Mostly though, I’ve found that by NOT doing these things I simply cannot thrive.

A messy house causes me to feel unrelaxed and unable to think clearly. Thus, I clean because I can’t stand the clutter. So, I no longer fully believe that cleaning in and of itself actually is a relaxing activity for me.

But, this isn’t about what I don’t do to relax, but what I do. What REALLY makes me feel refreshed?

Well, it depends what I need refreshed from I suppose.

One of my favorites, that comes to mind immediately, is floating in a lake letting the light waves push my body gently to and fro. Complete and utter physical relaxation.

Another is coloring or playing with play-dough or painting or that general concept. It’s amazing what we naturally know as children but long since have forgotten as adults. Thankfully my own children have re-introduced me to the wonderful art of the rhythmic bliss that such simple pleasures create.

Of course, there’s the normals; bubble baths, a cool drink by a warm fire, the great outdoors. I adore the sound of crackling fire and rolling thunder and crashing waves. The smell of rain in the air or a campfire nearby or fresh cut grass. Each can bring about a peace within me that easily allows my mind to slowly clear of the mayhem of typical life.

I could answer the first question easily; what I do when I’m not writing. Simply put, I’m living. I’m working or cleaning house or running errands or raising children or, or, or.

The second question brought about a little more difficulty; what I do to reset. With some thought I remember days of old where I partook in activities that truly carried me to a place of utter relaxation.

The third question though, that is the one that truly troubled me; what I needed in my day to day life to maintain balance. Surely, we all need something to maintain balance. So, what did I need?

Hmmm. What did I need?

Perhaps, I needed something to need daily to maintain balance!

There was not one single thing I did daily to recenter myself. To refresh myself. To balance myself.

Sadly, this is likely as normal an issue as my enjoyment of bubble baths is a way to relax. An issue we should be striving to correct as eagerly as we strive for our paychecks and our clean houses and our nice cars and our ‘perfect’ children and… I think you get the idea.

I hope that you get the idea….




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