What Makes You Keep On Keeping On?

Drive (Psychology) an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.

What drives you?

Is it money? Fame? Power? Respect? Love? Religion? Status?

Neither answer is wrong, per say. The only wrong answer, truly, is one that is not honest. Personal growth can only be obtained through personal honesty. Take a minute and really decipher what it is that drives you. What makes you get out of bed and do whatever it is you do in any given day?

Personally, I don’t think this is a black and white answer. Some may disagree though as there likely is a single root motivator deep down within each one of us. This single root motivator, whether we acknowledge it or not, is the reasoning behind our personal logic of every single decision we make.

Have you narrowed down what truly drives you yet? Does your answer make you feel good? Or is it something you would like to change?

We’ve been conditioned to believe, or at least I have, that “good” motivators are love, honesty, religion, morals, and so on, and that “bad” motivators are money, success, power, and so on.

Can anything that motivates a person truly be good or bad?

If one feels fulfillment in having a bigger house, bigger car, bigger bank account, bigger corner office, and so on, is this really a bad thing? We’ve been told that it is, but if one is motivated by these things to push harder, work harder, and become a “better” person by their own measure, if they have brought no harm to others in attaining these goals, what’s so wrong about that?

In a way, keeping up with the Jones is one of the things that drives me. I enjoy working hard and having a nice home, nice car, nice clothes, and so on. Of course, those that know me know that I don’t have a huge home or luxury car, or giant bank account. I go from paycheck to paycheck just like a large percentage of Americans. But, I wouldn’t really complain if I won the lottery and could buy all these wants of my dreams either.

On the other hand, if my husband got more sick and needed me and being there for him would risk my job, you can bet your ass I’d be losing my job. Why? Because I can get another job, I can’t get another husband… well, I can, but I’m sure you understand what I mean.

In that instance, love would be the main motivator of my decision making. Which presents my theory that what drives you is not fully a black and white answer…

But what if it is? What if it is very black and white?

While I enjoy working hard for that money to obtain the ‘better’ things in life, what do I really consider to be better things? A stable home to provide my family with comfort and safety because I love them. A reliable car to get me to work, to the grocery store, to doctor appointments, to the park, and the playgrounds so that I may spend time with and meet the needs of my family, because I love them. Do I work hard to obtain these things because I simply want the best of the best, or do I work harder to simply give my family better?

If I didn’t need to work to pay the bills, to keep a roof over our head, to keep gas in the car, food on the table, would I? Chances are high that I wouldn’t. So, is keeping up with the Jones truly what drives me, or the love for my family that pushes me to give them the best I can offer?

When the Daily Post gave “Drive” as their one word prompt for the day, naturally I thought of the psychological definition. I thought about what drives me. What drives others. I thought about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ drives. I thought about the definition of drive; was it truly a biological urge, unable to be changed? And if it is, then why as we age do we tend to want success and money less and time and love more? Do our drives change, or do we simply wait until it is far too late to regret what had drove us all along?

Drive (Psychology) an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need….

What really drives you?






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2 replies

  1. Well written. I agree with you. Introspecting my own self, Success drives me.

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  2. I think what is good and what is bad is based on your perception, morals and beliefs. There is nothing wrong with driving in order to meet a goal. It gives a person a sense of purpose

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