The Down Low On What You Wanna Know

You’re all probably curious how I’m doing. Or maybe you’re not. Regardless, here I am with an update. =)

I’m doing good. Compared to last time I mentioned it, I’m doing spectacular. I feel like ‘me’ again! Granted, I am a little partial to ‘me’, but it is definitely a fabulous feeling!

I do still have lingering symptoms of this gnarly concussion though. Mostly just an extreme sensitivity to light and noise. If you’re a migraine sufferer you know exactly what I mean!

I approach sunlight like any other normal vampire, throwing my arm up in front of my eyes in a melodramatic fashion as I wither back into the darkness. Ya know, or I just wear sunglasses everywhere I go.

Noises are another thing that I just don’t seem to be able to fully tolerate yet. The fan, the vacuum, phones ringing, and any other repetitive or high pitched sound…. I’ve been tempted to wear a pair of my earplugs from work that have been sitting in my lunch bag, but I fear it’d be far too obvious that I am not really listening to a word that is being said by those around me. Plus, I’d probably look a bit silly wandering around with neon yellow earplugs sticking out of my ears.

I have been improving every day though. My extreme irritation with nearly every faucet of my waking life has slowly dissipated. Although doing paperwork and making phone calls seems to kick it right back into gear. It’s ironically amazing the immense amount of paperwork and phone calls one has to take care of when they report to their insurance agency that they are currently unable to work due to an extremely difficult time making phone calls and completing paperwork…. Okay, so it’s a little more than that, but still.

I did finally take care of that pile of clean clothes I previously mentioned. I even learned something in the process; I learned that taking care of laundry is a slight degree less annoying than listening to your husband nag about taking care of laundry.

The ear plug idea just gets better and better!

I’m just kidding. He never again mentioned the laundry.(I snagged a smart one, huh?!?) And, I really did take care of it… then replaced it with a slightly smaller pile of laundry that I took out of the dryer the next morning.

It’s gotta be interesting being married to me, seriously!

But things are looking better and we’re getting closer and closer to putting this accident behind us. I’ve ridden in a vehicle again. I’ve driven a vehicle again. Even, with much hesitation may I add, have let my children ride in vehicles again.

After the devastating news that the loss of my beloved SUV would be in no way compensated for by my insurance agency, we pulled some strings and got another vehicle to get us from our point A’s to our point B’s. A big ol’ suburban, cause y’all know my little chicken butt has no intention of getting anything smaller any time soon. And, other then when we turn corners, I hardly even have flashbacks of the accident anymore.

So all in all, I’m doing a lot better. Still heavy on the Tyelonal (sorry, even spell check left me hanging on that one), but I’ve been able to drop the muscle relaxers off of my list of daily must haves. Back to work on Monday. I can hardly wait as it feels like the final check mark to ‘back to normal’. And… I actually got that floor mopped that I have been anxiously awaiting to mop for nearly a month.

The accident is something I’ll never forget. An experience burned into my mind like the births of my children. But, it was never really about forgetting. It was about growing. And from the moment my roadside angel pulled me out of the passenger side window it has been nothing but onward and upward!

Until next time… enjoy life… I mean REALLY enjoy life, treat every single moment like you’re glad to be alive, because being alive is a marvelous thing!! Oh, and drive safe. 😉


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  1. I’ve been following this series of posts and I have a question.. What state do you live in? I live in Kentucky, a no fault state, and I somewhat understand what that means, but not fully. I do know that I had an accident back in November (I ended up with whiplash, but NO where near the ordeal you endured). I also did not have collision insurance, but it was clearly the other driver’s fault. I have heard mention on Kentucky being a “no fault” state, but the other driver’s insurance had to pay. They paid for my chiropractor’s appointments for the whiplash and I got paid for my beloved van that was no longer driveable. I think you should check into the insurance a bit more and be sure, but it seems to me that with a police officer determining the accident to be the other person’s fault, there should be some way that their insurance would have to pay for all of that.
    That’s just something I wanted to throw out there to you, just in case. I’m appalled that there’s no way for you to get this help. I pray for your continued healing, and your husband’s as well.

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    • I live Michigan. My insurance agency is going after their insurance agency, but I was warned to expect at the very most a thousand dollars IF the other person had a special coverage added to their insurance that I forget the name of. When we went to get our stuff from the SUV the towing guy did inform us that the other car was a 2016 model, which likely means they were making payments and therefor had to carry full coverage. We’ll see. But, from my experiences so far with this, no fault, in Michigan anyways, means that everyone must make claims to their own insurance agency. For example, my insurance agency covers all of mine and my husbands medical bills and covers my work loss pay, and would cover my children had they been in the vehicle with us because they are all under my policy. My mother in law though, whom was MY passenger, was not covered at all by my own insurance. She had to make a claim to her own car insurance to cover her medical bills and missed time at work (which they are covering, but still). This is absolutely insane to me as I have personally given rides to many, many individuals who do not carry car insurance as they do not own a car. Really, why else would you typically be riding in someone elses car? I’m curious how that situation would have been handled, or maybe they would have fallen under my “not insured motorist” coverage? Anyway, like I said, my insurance agency is pushing for the other drivers insurance agency to cover all expenses, they just cautioned me to not be too hopeful due to this ridiculous law. I’ve been told by many people, my insurance agency included, that the only way to really see any return is to personally sue the other driver… which I can’t quite get my heart to stand behind. Sure, they were driving a brand new car, far better than anything I’ve ever even dreamed of owning, but that doesn’t truly mean they are well off and that suing them wouldn’t ruin them. The loss from that accident is still mounting though, as of yesterday I was fired from work as a direct result of the missed time while in recovery from the accident. I was a temp, so they can legally do that. Sometimes, I have a hard time not being a little bitter. If she had just LOOKED before she merged, or even as she was merging, it would have saved so many of the obstacles my family and I are currently jumping through. But… I still have my family to go through them with, so I am always thinking how much worse of a spot I could really be in right now. I know suing for compensation is an option, but I’ll wait and see what comes of the insurance before fully deciding if that’s something I could morally go through with or not. Now it’s just a waiting game to see what goes through. And hoping it’s not our stress levels going through the roof! Joking, sorta. 😉 Thank you for your continued prayers, they are appreciated more than words could ever say ❤

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      • You’re so very welcome! I’m just stunned at what you’re having to go through over this! I worded it wrong on my previous comment, my insurance did pay for my chiropractor appointments, but only until it was finished, then they turned it over to the other insurance to get it back. The other insurance did, however, pay me for my totaled van without any fight whatsoever. Also, once it was all finished, they gave me a settlement of about $700 for pain and suffering, or whatever..
        I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, and not just physically. I was only rear ended and ended up with whiplash and I still have a bit of PTSD, esp when I get close to where it happened. I commend you for just being able to get into a car and to let your family in one! Keep your chin up, it will get better! Prayers for your husband as well.

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