Expectations = Exceeded!

So, I didn’t win the Powerball. I know, I know. I am as shocked as you are! But, I did read a book from the 2016 Reading Challenge…

Since I’m never in order to begin with, I chose to keep up that persona and picked a book idea from near the end of the list, ‘a book written by someone you know.’ I imagine this could be a difficult one for a handful of people. I, on the other hand, was lucky enough to have several to chose from.

Two of my aunts and an uncle have published books. A few days ago I sat on Mom’s living room floor with an assortment of books sprawled out in front of me. One specific book seemed to mystically draw me in with a spell I simply couldn’t free myself of. After asking Mom to borrow the book, and promising I would protect it like I do my children, I carried the book home… in a Ziploc bag. (She was not kidding at all about protecting it like my child. Although, I tend not to keep my children in Ziploc bags…often.)

I asked Mom for a month. A month to get through reading this relatively short novel. I knew I had to get it crossed off the list, but I had college work and kids and housecleaning and tv to watch and would probably be washing my hair a few times and…. Frankly, it was written by someone I knew, how good could it really be?

I know, quite the optimist aren’t I?!

After a few days of staring at the book sitting comfortably in it’s Ziploc bag on my bedside table I figured I better start reading it if I intended to finish by the end of the month. In my defense, I hadn’t read any books in quite some time so I figured ANY book would be capable of holding my attention for about point two seconds.

Cracking open Gloria’s Secret, I kicked back on my bed and began reading. An hour later, I was still reading. As kids ran circles around me and began crawling across me as though I were a jungle gym, I still read. Walking out the door three minutes late to pick up my son from school, I was still reading.

I couldn’t put the dang nabbing book down!

Gloria’s Secret was amazing. Riveting. Heart wrenching. Compelling. All those fancy words that book reviewers write that get added to the back cover of best sellers, this book was it.

This story of a fourteen year old girl that went through a summer of absolute hell entwined every emotion I had within each word that was written. I laughed. I cried. I felt Gloria’s pain and fear and confusion. I felt her anger and her betrayal. I felt her courage and strength.

And you can feel it too, by ordering your very own Gloria’s Secret right here.

Honestly, it was an amazing book and I’m so thankful to this challenge for “making” me read it. Hopefully the author chooses to add some sequels to Gloria’s story, because I know I’d be standing in line to read them as well!

So, I guess just ANY book couldn’t hold my attention, but Gloria’s Secret is far from just any book… even if it was written by someone I know.


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  1. OMGoodness. What an amazing review. Thank you so much! I will put thought into a sequel.

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