Sometimes, You Just Gotta Be Late!

This post is hitting the presses a little late this morning, but not without good reason. This morning as I’m getting my coffee and Hubby is scrolling through Yahoo he clicks on an article about last nights Lip Sync Battle. Within minutes we were clicking through YouTube’s endless stream of previous battles and laughing our socks off. Slowly but surely as each family member awoke, they joined the growing crowd gathered around the computer.

There were some great ones! Ones that made me say, “Holy cow I can’t believe they could lip sync that part!” Ones that kept the humor rolling so thick we were nearly peeing our pants. And of course, Channing Tatum’s wife doing the re-make of his dance on Magic Mike was EPIC! If you didn’t catch it, here ya go:

She’s awesome! Am I right?!

So yes, posting was a little late and my mind is a little uhhhh… flustered. But hey, somethings are just worth it. And the extra time with the family wasn’t too bad either.

Now, onto some productive things, perhaps? Have a fantastic Friday y’all!!



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