Terrific Tuesday Tales

Winter is finally upon us. At least here in Michigan it is anyway.

We had enjoyed a lovely green Christmas, and although I was a little saddened that we couldn’t go on our annual Christmas Day sledding adventures, I did manage to survive that crises unscathed. A few days after we did get the snow that I had attempted to deny would eventually come, but driving 2mph into my son’s school yesterday didn’t even daunt me, because the sun was still shining and the weather was still warm… relatively warm anyway.

Yesterday, for many of us, was the first day back to reality after the extended Christmas break. I watched as my Facebook friends shared story after story of dragging their children out of their beds by their toes; grunting, groaning, and grimacing towards their first day back to school.

Like the majority of Mom’s, I had laid in bed a few minutes longer than normal yesterday morning, finally dragging myself out of bed, my only motivation being to shut the dang nabbing alarm off that had been screaming for the last five minutes. Sluggishly I crept downstairs to the coffee pot and there sat my son at the dining room table, fully dressed for the day, with his coat and backpack already on. It was pure torture for the child as I forced him to wait 45 more minutes before leaving for school, still 10 minutes earlier than we needed too.

Eventually I did find my motivation for the day. Made it to our various appointments, making sure to make a mental note to never again schedule any appointments for the first day back after Christmas break. But, we survived. I even fully cleaned and re-arranged our bedroom, which I must admit looks rather charming compared to before. Now rather than looking at a shelf full of folded clothes, there before me was a wall to wall shelf full of books, the clothes hidden out of sight. Below the shelf sat a comfy little reading corner for my daughter. We even managed to repair a somewhat older dresser that I conveniently parked in front of the heater vent.

The heat in our room was impeccable, hence the fan by the litter box in the beginning of January. It got so hot in our room that I could sweat more sitting there for five minutes than I did killing it at the gym for an hour. After months, and months,… and months of suffocating in the stifling hot air, I finally decided to move the dresser in front of the vent. What can I say; sometimes ideas come to me like a flash of lightning, other times, like a turtle with a broken leg.

Last night we went to sleep in the comfort of a well tempuratured bedroom. It was amazing…. Until we woke up this morning in a deep freezer, icicles hanging from our eyelids. Apparently, blocking off our heater vent on the night a cold front came through dropping us into single digits, wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Who knew?

So there I sat this morning, shivering the sheets of ice off of myself. To make the morning even more fun, we were out of coffee creamer, so I tossed some hot cocoa mix in with my coffee and must admit, it might not be magical… but it’s pretty damn delicious. Why we have hot cocoa and not coffee creamer is beyond me.

Well, no, not really. My husband does the grocery shopping. My husband doesn’t drink coffee. My husband does drink hot cocoa. Some things are a coincidence, others, a conspiracy. As I sit here drinking my hot cocoa flavored coffee… we all know who really had the last laugh.

Just like Christmas break, this post must come to an end too. I’ve got to clean the little bit of the bedroom I didn’t get to yesterday, so on goes my snowsuit, hat and gloves… or I could just move that dresser… but that’s just a ridiculous idea.

Regardless, I am heading into my day with a smile…even if it’s only because my face is frozen like this.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!!


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