One Word.

The other day I read a post on The Bloggess describing her journey through the #OneWord2016 Challenge inspiring me to think up my own one word for the year.

Of course, doing something so spontaneous right on the spot like that was simply not going to do. As expected, I commented about what a wonderful idea it was but, before I settled on a single word, I would have to blog about it… because that’s what I do.

Thankfully my Writing 101 assignment, ‘Expand a Comment,’ forced me to remember that I had left a comment which implied I too, would choose a single word for the year.

I’ve heard of the challenge a few times before. You chose a single word to focus your year on. My favorite is when people choose the word focus. It’s a perfectly viable word, even quite purposeful… but, I’m sure the irony is lost on the handful of wonderful people whom have chosen to focus on the word focus. Then again, small things do amuse simple minds….

I still wasn’t sure what my word would be. I only got to pick ONE. For the ENTIRE year. That’s quite a hefty commitment after all.

It had to be a strong word. A powerful word. A word that every time it ran through my mind would inspire the same intensely burning fire as the first time it ran through my mind.

There were a lot of words that ran through my mind as I thought about which would stay and which just had to go.

Growth. Journey. Adventure. Spontaneous. Direction. Opportunity. Love. Honor. Dog. Fast. Forward. Margarita. Dream. Goals. Achieve.

The list went on and on. Quite possibly one of those words will work for one of you, but they weren’t the word that my 2016 needed. I could feel it, deep down in my bones, the right word simply hadn’t crossed my mind yet.

I thought about all the plans I had for the next year. The goals and the dreams. The things I truly wanted to accomplish. My bucket list of ideas to ensure I did this year.

I thought about the good days I would encounter, and the bad days as well. I thought about how I would likely feel on those days. What word would push me harder on the good days, yet still be able to pick me up on the bad?

I had joked about the amount of commitment choosing a word entailed, but I had accepted my husbands marriage proposal in a quarter of the time this was taking… and still, I didn’t have a word yet.

In defeat, I dropped my head down onto my hands, when out of the corner of my eye my college books I had picked up this morning that sat strewn across my bed caught my attention. Screaming loudly from the front of one of the books was a single word… my word.

I could feel it in my bones. Feel it pushing me on my good days and picking me up on the bad ones. To my core I knew, that my word for 2016 was… choice.

Whether the day be good or bad. Whether the sun shined or the rain poured. Whether I achieved every goal I intended or missed the mark on each and every one. No matter what the year brought me, what the day brought me, I had a choice. In every single little thing, I had a choice.

Watch TV or go to the gym? Eat the donut or the plain oatmeal? Coffee or sugar free green tea? Smile or frown? Smoke or breathe? Do the laundry or wear dirty clothes?

Each day I can make the little decisions that lead me closer to my overall goal, or be overwhelmed by the big picture and let another day slip by wasted. Even in the things I had no choice in, I still had a choice in how I reacted to them. Each moment I would ever encounter, I had a choice, and I would have a choice every day this year, because… that was my word.


So, what’s your one word for 2016???


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