I’m All About that ‘New Year, New Me’ Bullshit.

Today was the day. The day I finally shook off the cloud that had been hovering above my head and got productive. I had things to do. Things I wanted to do.

The sun was sparkling through my window. The warm aroma of coffee floated up through the air. I sat up, stretching my arms towards the sky. I climbed out of bed, very cautiously… and today, I landed on my feet.

Yes. Today was the day.

As I poured my coffee I pondered over all the things that I could fill my day with. I thought to myself, “Self, today is the day you get back on the saddle, and get those clothes posted online to sell.” As though the universe had heard my silent words my phone began buzzing alive with the comments of potential meets that had been left over the night.

That wasn’t all I had planned for today. I had laundry to do and a house to straighten up and a bed to make and a reason to get out of these pajamas. I had… one last day to enjoy 2015.

Yes. Today was the day. The day that our Facebook feeds will fill with memes of “None of that New Year, New Me bullshit. I’ll be the same asshole at 12:01 as I was at 11:59.” Me on the other hand, no, that wasn’t me. I’m all about that New Year, New Me bullshit.

Last night, before I drifted off to technical dream land that sometimes tantalized me with random strong arms holding me tight, I drifted off to pre-dream land. The land where you’re not quite conscious, but you’re not really dreaming either. Those few minutes before you drift off to sleep where you’re thoughts come drifting through your mind freely.

I thought about New Years. I thought about New Years resolutions. I thought about what I wanted for my New Year. Of course, the usual suspects came into play; quit smoking, lose weight, spend more time offline, save money…. As each one fluttered through my mind I knew they were the same butterfly resolutions I had seen last year, and the year before, and the year before that.

No. This year needed to be different. And different began with a different New Years resolution list. Sure, I still wanted these other things. I still wanted to lose weight and quit smoking. I still wanted to spend less time with my nose shoved into technology. But, it was apparent to me that writing them on my resolutions list was accomplishing nothing but wasting a piece of paper.

As my thoughts drifted and spun, floating and fluttering through my mind, I saw one floating by with a little bit brighter wings than the rest. I reached out my hand and stood there, calmly, patiently, waiting until it rested upon my hand and looked me square in the eye. Yes, this was a thought worth keeping.

There on my hand stood the dream of what my 2016 New Years resolution list would look like. It wouldn’t be the same old list that I had made again and again… and again. No, this year, this year I would write a bucket list. A bucket list of solid things that I would complete throughout the year. My only stipulation, which actually gets a bit challenging when you get into it, is that nothing could be an ongoing project. Losing weight, was ongoing. Quitting smoking, was ongoing. Reading ten books through the year, was ongoing. I would still work on those things. But, those things didn’t belong on my list.

So, what did belong on my list? Things that were going on my 2016 bucket list were things like; go sledding, visit the Upper Peninsula, go on a zip-cord, put (specified amount) in a Christmas club account…. etc, etc.

Yes. Today was the day. The day I had things to do. Things I wanted to do. I had laundry to do and a house to straighten up and a bed to make and a reason to get out of these pajamas. I had… a 2016 bucket list to create. And I couldn’t wait to get started!

Of course… after I finish this coffee, make my bed, and get dressed.


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