The Day She Fell in Love~ Part 1

Miranda was never one of those girls that was all googly eyed over the boys. Sure, she always had a boyfriend, and just as many crushes on other boys. But within a few weeks when things went beyond the wanting a kiss in between classes to more serious expectations, things would come to a halt. Most the time it was Miranda that ended it. Every now and again some boy would catch her off guard, beating her to the punchline.

Her best friend called her a dick tease once. It’s not that she was a tease, exactly. She just never cared for giving them what they really wanted. She simply had no interest in such things. Busy with high school and work and college classes, boys were simply an accessory to her life, like the fancy earrings you keep tucked away to pull out at special occasions. Boys were no where near the center of her life, and that’s the way Miranda liked it.

She had two best guy friends through the years, each in their own time. Both ended in the same destined way, as each would ask Miranda to be their girlfriend. She thought so much more of them than that though. They meant something to her. They were her friends. She would never demote them to boyfriend status. And as events are known to play out, the friendship was doomed the very moment the question rolled off of each boys tongue. She grieved the loss of her friends, the way most girls grieved through break-ups.

As high school came to an end Miranda slowed down with the rotating boyfriends who desperately sought a seriousness she was unable to give them. She settled down in her first real relationship with the only boy that seemed appropriate for the role, Johnathon. John and Miranda had a history that could never be undone. A history, that Miranda concluded made him the one.

Back when Miranda was fourteen she slept over her best friends house one fateful weekend. By the time the moon rose the two girls had several tents pitched in the woods of her friends back yard, far away from the watchful eyes of parents. Before long others came. Other girls. Other boys. They smoked and they drank and they did what all fourteen year old girls at a sleepover shouldn’t be doing. Including Miranda losing her virginity to John. Four years later, Miranda figured that it was just as good to marry the one you lost your virginity to, as opposed to losing your virginity to the one you marry. And thus, a year and a half relationship was born.

John loved Miranda. She was the apple of his eye since she was thirteen. He would follow her through the hallways at school, waiting by the door at the end of the day to walk her home. He was like a cute little stray puppy eager for her companionship, and Miranda knew it. It just wasn’t the right time to be taking in stray dogs. It was never the right time for Miranda.

Miranda loved that John loved her, but she never really knew if she loved him back the same. She was too focused on work and finishing school and building a wonderful life for her future. John was too focused on Miranda. The relationship grew strained, yet she continued on. She thought this was just how things were, this was love. She never felt any differently. So when John dropped to his knee and proposed, Miranda did what she had been doing all along. Because it was the “right” thing to do, the logical thing to do, she said yes.

But before wedding bells rang. Before Miranda whispered the words “I do”. Before John knew what was happening. Someone came along that would change Miranda’s entire world….



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