Motivational Monday: Looking Back and Moving Forward

It’s been an interesting week in the world of blogging. Ups and downs, twists and turns. I’ve went from not caring about this blog or it’s outcome, to ditching it all together in order to build a brand new blog that would be better, to pouring my energies into taking this blog to a level that I know it is capable of. I have also… been keeping an eye out for those men in white jackets that I am sure at least one of you have contemplated sending after me, committing me forever into a nut house.

Honestly, I love that I have “accidentally” created an environment that I can be completely open and honest in. I can lose hope, blow up my blog, change my mind, refocus and recommit, all in the time span of one week, and it’s okay. It’s real. And, I love that we have an environment that we can be real in.

Goals can be hard. We can be climbing uphill for so long that we get sore, we get tired, we ache, and we lose hope. The path gets too treacherous and we want to give up. In those times it is vital that we sit down for a moment and catch our breath. We clear our minds. We refocus on the finish line. And in time, with a sharper focus, we regain the motivation to rise again and continue on.

Goals would be worthless if they were easy to obtain.

I wrote something a little while ago about not losing sight of all we’ve accomplished. Sometimes, most the time really, we are so focused on the end result, that we forget to glance back every now and again. All we see is what our blog isn’t, without remembering all it is. All we see is what we aren’t, without remembering all that we are.


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  1. Sarah,
    How did you link your categories to your blog page? I am trying to make my blog more user friendly



    • Oh, that took me forever to figure out! The list on the side of my blog pages is a widget. Go to ‘my sites’, ‘themes’, ‘customize’. it will load up a customizer screen with a list of options on the left side, in that list will be widgets, add new widget, and all your options will pop up including categories. On the top of my page, next to the home button and about button, that was a little harder. On the left side of your stats page is a link that says menus, click that, add a new menu, then you can add what you want the menu to show (like categories) and a list of your blogs categories will pop up where you can select which ones to add to the menu. When it’s all set, click save settings and check your blog to make sure it showed up how you want it. I think some of the themes don’t support menus though, so you might have to change themes. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. “Goals would be worthless if they were easy to obtain.”
    I love this!! I may have to use this statement!
    Great post, as usual!

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