Marvelous Monday Musings: Week 7!

Do you know what today is?!? Aside from Monday, of course. It is MARVELOUS Monday!

“Okay, who made her coffee with Red Bull?” You ask yourself.

No one spiked the coffee, I promise. Mondays are just that amazing! They are so much more than just another new day such as Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is the start of an entirely NEW week filled with so many possibilities! A chance to start fresh on that mile long to-do list. A new beginning to attack those goals with a re-focused action plan. An opportunity to walk into work with a fresh, energized attitude, ready to meet those deadlines, hit those numbers, and brighten the lives of your co-workers… yes, even THAT co-worker. It’s a brand new, fresh week. What could be better?!

It seems odd to go into a recount of my previous week after that spiel, but we all know that I hardly need to go making any new goals for myself just yet. Time to knock out some of these goals already professed. And what’s the best way to ensure goals are accomplished? That’s right, to check in on our progress and tweak whatever action steps need tweaked.

So… without further adieu…

My last week has been… hmmm. Settling. Working towards settling into the natural routine of life. After spending endless nights burning our candle wicks low completing tasks around our new home. we are back to our normal bedtimes and, for the most part, returning to life. Now housework, (fixing, cleaning, moving) is filling in our “free” time rather than being the main focus of our every waking moment. Which is refreshing! Still lot’s to do… but every day our house becomes more and more like home.

I did fall a bit behind in math work due to all the work we have been doing around the house. Since homework isn’t due until test time, it was easy to put off with such pressing issues happening. But alas, the time had come where I could put it off no longer, so I spent a good part of last week completing weeks worth of homework to turn in tomorrow on test day, as well as some hardcore studying for said test. You can imagine my dismay then when I went into class last Thursday, after putting half my week on hold for math homework, the teacher tells us the test date is moved to next Thursday.


So, after spending most the week doing math work I was left with no other option but to spend the majority of my weekend writing my English essay, which are only getting harder as the semester wears on. Now everything is written in MLA standards, and this week we moved into using quotes and paraphrases and properly citing our sources. High school stuff, granted, but man has it been a LONG time since I’ve been in high school!

In other news, my son is doing AWESOME with his new school! I even caught him… dun, dun dunnnn…. reading! Like, on his own, in his FREE time, a REAL book! If you knew my kid, the struggles he has with reading comprehension and all, and the way he used to whine and moan and beg me to read even the most simplest of paragraphs to him, you would understand my shock… and pride! He read an entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid book in two days!!! I guess his friends and him started a little reading club on library day and decided to all read this series together. He HAD to read in order to stay in the know with his friends… and he came to find out that he really enjoyed the book. What an awesome group of friends!

Anyways… Life is good. I’m good. You’re good. We’re all good! It’s a marvelous day! A marvelous Monday!

May it be a great new week for all of us!


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