Flash Forward: A Week of Rahs Mirror

This weeks order of posts are so off balance that it took me longer to arrange, re-arrange, and re-arrange again, the order they would be published in than it did to actually write the things. The other day (Wednesday to be specific) I purged my drafts folder. I pulled every post that sat awaiting the light of day and threw it out into my scheduled posts. They’re all good, well, they’re okay. But, they were all written over the time span of a month or so and, when slapped together into one week, will have you scratching your head wondering what meds I forgot to take. My brain has not been the object of a tennis match, I assure you.

  • Monday will bring us week 3 of my Marvelous Monday Musings. This week’s post takes on an odd twist of it’s own.
  • Tuesday gives us No Middle Ground, a short post about compromise.
  • Wednesday, I Drop to my Knees in a very real post about losing everything around me and, realizing that I have lost nothing at all.
  • Thursday I finally talk about my Bonus Kids, their Bogus Stepmom, and Everything in Between. My reflections over the past ten years and all the little things that I found out too late were the big things.
  • Friday… well, that’s a surprise for all of us! I haven’t gotten to writing Friday’s post yet, so we will just have to wait and see!!

Either way, here’s to a blessed week both on my blog and on your own, both online and offline. Like an awesome commentor on my blog said, “Enjoy the ride… even if the car is shitty!”

Happy Sunday!


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