Marvelous Monday Musings: Week 2

As you may know, I have dared myself to complete the ever inspiring challenge called I Made It! Monday. This weeks theme is, lesson learned!

This Monday reveals a week of learning for me. I’ll try to sum it up the best that I can for you, but we all know that I struggle with short and sweet! So grab a cup of coffee, or a pot, and bare with me enjoy!

I have learned the truth behind everyone telling me to schedule posts. The luxury that scheduled posts can hold. I have fallen into the writers curse. For so long I had millions of thoughts racing through my mind. I would never run out of inspiration to write. To write was to live. I certainly had no plans to not live! I just, I don’t have the words. The desire. The burning need to write.

My scheduled posts this past week have bought me a few more days of peace while dealing with this. It’s not that I don’t want to write. I love writing. I love sharing with you! I just have so many other things filling my mind. I don’t have the luxury to lose myself in my writing. I could have easily bought myself a week or two or three (at least!) to catch up on life, while scheduled posts were keeping my blog alive… had I scheduled them, rather than impulsively hitting publish.

Lesson learned.

I have learned that the impact of an event is measured solely on the individual experiencing the event. I’m a nice person. A caring person. I would never speak some thoughts that I’ve had of others. Sometimes though, I couldn’t help but to compare others tragedies to my own.

This very much affected my senior year of high school. I would hear so many stupid little girls crying and moaning because Billy Bob had dumped them. WHO CARES?! My dad was dead. Gone. FOREVER! And you’re talking to me about Billy Bob, whom you dated for a month, thinking, at 17 years old mind you, that you might not be the one?!

I couldn’t help but to think, “Suck it up Buttercup, you don’t even know rough yet!”

That was until I experienced the rise and fall of a post on my blog, and recalled the experience of a similar thing happening very early in this blogs life. When I had first started my blog (an entirely short 8 months ago) I had an average of 2 views per post, thanks to my mom and aunt! One day, I published, “I Survived Having You as a Father!” and linked it to my personal Facebook page. My view count soared. It reached an entire 38 views!!! Okay, stop laughing. This was a lot for me, back then.

Then I published, “I Killed HIS Baby” and my view count soared to over 400 daily, for nearly a week. This was a lot! For me. The funny thing is, I went through the exact same response to each situation. As I read through the tales of tragedy of the Freshly Pressed crowd, I related to them in a way that I was not entitled to. I knew NOTHING of getting over 15,000 views in a day. In fact, there are many bloggers that receive 400 views on their blogs on a daily basis, when they post nothing at all.

Our reaction, our emotion, our pain, is only a reflection of what we personally have experienced. Ones grief, ones troubles, ones triumphs, are no more or less than anyone else.

I’m sorry that Billy Bob broke up with you and, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you.

Lesson learned.

I have learned that you can attract more bees with honey than you do shit. My mom used to tell me this, often, as a teenager. Or was it my dad? Regardless, I heard the phrase more times than I can count. At the time, I knew what they were saying, but, I always wondered… why in the heck would I want to attract bees?!

Last week I approached everyone at college in a unique way. I knew that I was really putting them in a difficult spot trying to help me enroll quickly enough to get started by Monday. I revealed this to anyone I requested help from. Just in my tone, I showed them appreciation, knowing that anything was above and beyond. And, I was graciously met with many helping hands.

Monday, I was not done yet. Only so much could be done before the week ended. Monday, I still had to enroll for classes! Classes started Monday! I was in a crunch, I HAD to register for specific classes that day. They needed to help me register because it had to be done, that day! And, I clearly showed this in my tone. I was not met with many helping hands. In fact, I was given the run around by every single person that I approached. I left the school last Monday near tears because I was so frustrated, and NO ONE was helping me! It was their JOB to HELP me!!!

Did the people change? Or, did I? Did my tone? Did my approach? Did my expectations?

You attract more bees with honey than you do with shit. And, if you attract bees, they’ll give you more honey!

Lesson learned.

It’s been a long week. A hard week. But, the hard work is just beginning. I have so much more to accomplish. So much more to learn. With my new time management needs nagging me, the little voice inside my head reminding me to always prioritize. The small reminder from each of you, even if unspoken, to simply… breathe. I know that it will all come. I will do just fine in college. I will grow my blog. I will be involved in my children’s education and support their growth. I will have a clean home. I will be on top of my game. I will!

Lesson learned.


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  1. I use “Suck it up buttercup” all the time! Mainly telling myself this.

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