The Monster Under My Bed

The world is a beautiful place, until… someone shuts the light off….

I am frozen stiff to wherever I lay. A blanket curled tightly around my feet. In chance, that a monster may be lurking nearby, ready to strike. I clutch the blanket tightly to my chin, my knuckles turning white, aching from the pressure of my grasp. I do not blink. I do not breathe. I lay, frozen, waiting, fearing, hiding, from the monster that is lurking in the dark.

Night after night, my screams of terror echo out to anyone within hearing range. But, they do not understand. They can not see my fears. There is no monster under the bed.

“There is nothing in the dark, that is not there in the light,” I am told, again and again. This is meant to comfort me, I suppose. It never really does comfort me though. I know better. I know, that there are things in the dark, that are not in the light.

In time, I stop screaming out. The monsters of the night, start to slowly devour me.

Until, one exceedingly dark night….

The tree branches outside of my window scraped and moaned ghoulishly. The shadows cast demons across my soft pink bedroom walls. The quiet roars of the monster of the dark got closer… and closer… and closer….


I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before. I screamed so loud, that neighbors from miles around came running through the dark of the night to be at my side. As I trembled in fear, outsiders peered under my bed and into my closet. They locked my windows and closed my curtains. They took their flashlights. and shined their light into the darkest corners of my room.

Slowly, the adrenaline rush that my scream had caused began to subside. Neighbors, strangers and friends, began to return to their homes. My bedroom was nearly empty again. I looked at the last person who stood in my doorway. As their hand slowly reached toward the light switch, the paralyzing fear of being plunged back into the darkness consumed me. .

Suddenly, their hand stopped. They looked at me, smiled softly, and walked back over to my bed. Kneeling down at my side, they placed something cold into my hand.

It was their flashlight. “When you are afraid, shine light into the darkness” …the whispered words echoed through my mind.

Standing up, they gently tucked the covers around me before bending down and kissing my forehead.  I tightly grasped my new flashlight, knowing that I would never be thrown into darkness again. I watched them cross my bedroom floor, reaching for the light switch, and a slow smile crept across my face. This was a person that knew….

Knew, that there are things in the dark, that are not in the light.

The darkness holds the secrets of the night within its infinite space. The tears that we hide from our loved ones. The shame that we hide from ourselves. Our failures and weakness. Our secrets and guilt. Our worries and fears. It is all there, swirling around in the darkness. In the dark, the secrets of the night come creeping out to haunt us.

Just as the monster that is haunting your closet, only to morph back into a plain, green sweater when you shine the light of day on it, so must you reveal your secrets of the night.

“When you are afraid, shine light into the darkness”

~There are no monsters in the closet, or even under the bed. The real monsters, they are in your head.


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