Re-blog Response, “Stupid, Making Everything Racial . . .”

~My ‘before coffee’ response to a story I see far too often, “Stupid, Making Everything Racial . . . ” You need to read the story, to ‘understand’ mine.~

This story appropriately ties into the one I re-blogged yesterday. (I’m starting to feel a little racist sharing all the racism posts. Really, I’m just trying to find my way….)

This story is WHY I do not understand what they are going through. This story, is what I have grown up watching. Watching the entitled ‘black man’ think the world owes him something because of the color of his skin. That the inconveniences of daily life should not inflict them, for no other reason, than the color of their skin.

If I am given the run around registering for college (like yesterday!) it is because I am trying to finish registration on the first day classes start. The college is swamped. Stress levels are high. And, it’s a Monday. People don’t take to Mondays very well. If a black person were given the run around yesterday, it was because they were black. Obviously.

I see THIS everywhere, everyday… my entire life… in my little piece of the world.

I’m not singling out black males either. I see this in many races, male and female. The little things, everywhere, that all add up to the big things. Such as, to communicate, I must learn Spanish. Why can’t you learn English? Why is it MY responsibility? Why must I always do all the work?

Do you know why I want to learn American Sign Language? The only language that I had ever desired to learn. I used to think that it was because I was born deaf. I used to think, that it was because I had a “special” connection with those that were deaf. But, I’m not so sure that is true anymore. I think the real reason, is because it is the ONLY language where the other person does not have the option to learn mine. The ONLY language that it IS my responsibility.

Is it wrong, that this is what I have observed pertaining to racism? That THIS is all I have to form my opinions from? I know that the world is bigger than what I can see from my back porch. I know that somewhere true racism is happening. I am NOT belittling that fact. I am SEARCHING for that fact.

But, you make it very difficult for me….

I want to understand you better. Whether you are black, brown, or green. (Well… as long as you’ve seen the doctor about that green-ness, had your shots and all.) I want to reach out, into your world, and really understand. Why do you not want to understand me? What did I ever do to you? Oh, yeah… I was born, though no fault of my own, with white skin. My bad.

P.S. I’ve waited on chicken strips at KFC often, where the f*** is MY free soda?!

~ End Rant. One day, I WILL understand…. Today is not that day.


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  1. You were born deaf? So was I! Your English language excellent! Amazing! Feeling rather embarrassed with my lack of knowledge in this language among other things.Nice meeting you.


  2. Thumbup~ Yes and no. I was born deaf, but my hearing slowly developed by the time I was 3 or 4. So I had many advantages and disadvantages both ways. The first 5 years of our lives are extremely important developmental years. I missed out on a lot during those years. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t learn words, express myself, etc. I’m sure you understand. Even my memories from that age are very hard to write or talk about because I had no real words to describe them, at the time. I know that for most of my life I very much enjoyed the “feeling” of music. Like if you were to press your hand on a large speaker and you can feel the vibrations. I LOVE being able to feel that. I think its due to my experiences in early childhood. Because of my hearing developing so slowly, I didn’t learn how to talk correctly, and mispronounced a lot of letters. I was in speech therapy until I was 14 because of this. Kids picked on me because I had a speech impediment, and they picked on me for going to speech class. It’s a no win really. I came home crying one day and begged my mom to let me stop taking speech and she did. I still, very often, pronounce my ‘S’ like an ‘F’ because of this. But, I had huge advantages too! Because my hearing did end up developing I could learn English as well as any other hearing child. I was just a good 3 or 4 years behind them. lol. So, don’t at ALL feel embarrassed. Comparing your situation to mine is like comparing apples to trees 🙂 You are actually the one that impresses me! You have learned English (which is probably the hardest speaking language to learn, by the way) without being able to hear it. That is amazing! No lie! In fact, not to be the downer, but, I think you don’t give yourself enough credit with your ability to write. You are good, and will only get better with practice. Oh, and my mom, awesome as she is, when she found out I was deaf started learning and teaching me sign language. I only remember the signs for “sit”, “eat”, and “I love you”. Obviously, these must have been the most important things for me to communicate…. kind of cool/interesting what sticks with us from those very early years of our lives. Anyhow, now that I have written a novel… It is very nice to meet you too! 🙂


  3. I was born with robotic arms!

    I too am tired of the race talk lately. =|

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