You are BOTH Wrong!

My brain is but a small pea in the vast majority of the brains in the world. Lately that small pea has been mixed and mingled and mushed among yours. Your thoughts becoming mine. Mine becoming yours. Our paths crossing, our shapes never again being the same.

I have been exposed to a large amount of vastly different opinions towards what to do about those dang nabbing baby killers; a.k.a. abortionists.

I have stood on the sidelines, gazing in on the wrestling match of abortion. Watching. Observing. Listening….

Do you want to know what I have heard?

I have heard, that we are all basically fighting for the same exact thing.

I have read article after article, post after post, and I have agreed with a large part of each and every one, despite their significant difference as a whole. For awhile, this very much confused me.

Am I pro-life? Am I pro-choice? How can I agree with this person, yet, not agree? It’s not one side or the other that this happens to, it’s both of you, all of you!

For a long time I was pro-choice for no other reason than I thought that I had no choice. Isn’t that the stupidest thing you ever heard? Isn’t the main concept behind pro-choice being that women should have a choice? But, as a woman who had an abortion, I had no choice about being pro-choice.

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, the larger picture of the group that you stand behind, at some point or other in my life, has pissed me off. Your group has hurt me. It has enraged me! It has pushed me away….

To be pro-choice. To advocate for all women having a choice. Are you serious!?!

What kind of choice is there in abortion? Where’s the fathers choice? The baby’s choice? The grandparents choice? God’s choice?

I never heard my true choices. I was deafened by the fact that it was my body, my decision, and that I was alone in making it. I never reached out for help because I thought that this was a decision only for a mother to make, entirely alone….

Because of what YOU told me. YOU told me that I was ALONE!!!!

Where was MY choice???

My story about my abortion will blatantly explain that I, in no way, shape, or form, believe that any other woman for the rest of eternity should make the choice that I made. I will back up pro-lifers stance with a vengeance.

But, pro-lifers, you are no angels either! YOU have the blood of innocent babies on your hands too.

The cause that you stand behind has plastered disgusting images of babies tortured by abortion. It has plastered billboard after billboard of… well, let me show you…

thI am an unloving, unlovable person.

pregnancy_billboardI am selfish.

pro-lifeI chose to kill God’s gift.

youth-defence-project-truth-billboardI am a murderer.

These are YOUR billboards. This is what YOU said to me. On my way home from college. On my way to work. On my way to church to beg my God for forgiveness.


Every sign. Every billboard. Every poster. Every protest. I saw them. I heard them. I felt them. To the core of my being, I felt them. And, it killed me inside.

Every time YOU said that abortion is murder, I said, “I am a murderer.”

You know the really ironic part of all this. The so funny it’s not even funny part…. I saw all of your billboards before I had my abortion. I saw them. I heard them. I probably even read them. But, I never really looked at them.

They are impossible to really look at.

Besides, I wasn’t the woman in your ads…. I would never be dumb enough to be put into a situation where I had to make that choice. I would never be a murderer. Until I was.

By then, it was too late for your billboards, too late for your rallies of women’s rights. Too late, for any real choice.

Pro-lifers SCREAM that no life is above another.

Not the baby’s. Not the mothers. Not the fathers. Not the victim of rape, nor the rapists. Not the mother with complications during pregnancy. Not the baby that is confirmed to be born with serious medical defects.

How do YOU know that the baby that came from a rape isn’t going to be the one that finds the cure for cancer? I know how you won’t know… you tell THAT mom, that it’s okay to kill her child. That you understand….

Then there’s the 70,000 women every year that die during illegal abortions. Their lives don’t matter??? (P.S Their babies died too….)

NO life… is above another. At 18 years old, how was I to decipher the difference? How was I to know… when my ‘choice’ was to figure it out on my own?

Are you beginning to see the issue? The contradictions. The confusion. The insanity in both of your sides.

Are you beginning to see that it’s not helping? It’s not stopping it! It’s not saving them!!!

I literally have tears pouring down my cheeks as I type this. This pains me so deeply. Every single child that is killed through abortion strikes a knife through my heart. I KNOW the pain that childโ€™s mother will go through. I KNOW the potential that child had. I know, and I take it personal.

I understand that you are all well meaning. I know that you are all trying to do your very best. I know that you never meant to hurt me, or anyone else. I know, that you never meant, to stand behind the cause of conflict that goes through a woman’s mind before they decide to have an abortion.

None of you actually WANT babies to be killed. After really listening to you, I have learned this. But, let me tell you the hard truth…

There are STILL 80 Million abortions happening EVERY year worldwide.

What you are doing is NOT working!!!

If it was working, it would be slowing down. Women would be making different decisions. But, they are not. It is not. It is the same thing, year, after year, after year.

If pro-lifers hadn’t silenced me, maybe my story would have reached the ears of all those expectant mothers. MAYBE, I would have prevented a portion of the 880 MILLION abortions that have happened since I had mine!

If pro-choicers hadn’t told me that it is my body and that NO ONE else CAN tell me what to do with it. Maybe I would have researched and gathered the information that I needed to decide. MAYBE I would have actually HAD the option to MAKE A CHOICE!

Think about what you are saying, between the lines. Think about the ramifications of your actions. THINK… is this really going to fix the problem, or are we all just adding to it?

We are basically fighting for the same exact thing….

80 Million babies this year are saying that we need to fight this a different way.

Are you going to listen to them?

~I am neither pro-life, nor am I pro-choice. I am Pro-TRUTH!~


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4 replies

  1. Atta girl Rah!

    Bravery and Truth without fear. Pure, Raw and Real.


    Another bit of caution: “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man”. They’ll only drag you down to their level and make you look stupid. In other words; “Ya kaint fix stupid”.

    The truth speaks for itself, let the sword cut who it will. Being brave and wise enough to speak it is what really matters. But choose your battles wisely sweetheart, as you so aptly pointed out in this post the “norm” isn’t rational from any real perspective. Don’t expect them to be.

    The Truth is undeniable and is never changed by “perspectives” or opinions.

    I really like your final statement “I am Pro-TRUTH!” I think you’re onto something there. Well done Rah, Well Done.

    Doc’ & CJ

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    • Your “Atta girl Rah!” part made me grin from ear to ear. My mom’s voice, (and encouragement/pride), gushed through those 3 little words. I’m not sure if you can understand, but, THAT is a very high compliment! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      “Pick your battles”… I’ve heard this before, from the same wise person mentioned above, but never really looked at it in a ‘big picture’ type of way until now. Well, I have, but my picture is starting to get a whole lot BIGGER! Wise advice to carry with me into this journey. Thank you for the very real reminder!

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  2. Oh I do indeed understand sweetheart. That’s why I chose those “3 little words”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now here’s one for you: My wife is a Pearl, truly. Now she doesn’t KNOW she’s a Pearl at all…because she IS a Pearl. A Pearl doesn’t know it’s a Pearl, it’s just being a Pearl.

    But the world knows a Pearl when they see one. Because they are not Pearls themselves.

    [Enter another example of the Sword of Truth that cuts both directions]

    All Pearls are Precious and oh so rare in this world. The rarest Pearls of all are those who are produced organically. And those with the greatest or more unique colors are prized above all others.

    You sweetheart, are a Pearl of a different color. One of the rarest Pearls of all.

    We Love You…Because we too are lovers of the Truth.

    And I owe you one more so here it comes;

    Atta girl Rah! We are proud of you far more than you will ever know!

    You Earned that one too sweetheart, I proudly offer it to you because I can see by the Truth in your words that you are in fact beginning to truly see the “bigger picture”.

    Well Done Rah, Well Done.

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