Use Your Time Wisely! Spend It On OTHER Blogs.

I completed Blogging101: Day 12 assignment: read six posts written in response to the same prompt (the prompt that I responded to yesterday), and leave comments on at least two of them.Β  Another behind the scenes task.

I think that I like these assignments the best. 95% of them force you to engage with the community.

As I’ve said before, I am very often a shadow reader. I’ll like your stuff but, I don’t very often comment. Commenting takes more thought, time, and effort. (Wow, if that didn’t make me sound lazy….)

Commenting on other blogs really is the essence of blogging.

To read a blog, it takes your time. To like a blog, it takes the blog to stand out. But, to comment!

I don’t mean the “great post” comments. (That’s what the ‘like’ button is for people!) I mean the real ones. Those take the time, effort, and thought process to really apply the writers words to your own life, experiences, opinions, etc. Which is really what blogging is all about.

Sure, I say that I blog for fun. (I am pretty much full of shit when I say that.) The truth is, I really blog for the interaction. The interaction is what makes the blogging “fun”. So, maybe I’m not totally full of it when I say that I do it for fun.

None of my blog posts do any good if it is not affecting and/or effecting the person that reads it. That’s the point of them. As I re-read past posts, I have noticed a small something special in a lot of them. In a lot of them, I am actually talking to myself.

(Hello. Hello. Is anyone out here?)

Seriously though, I am telling myself what I actually need to hear. Because I need to hear it, I am quite certain that at least one of you out there in blogosphere need to hear it too. That’s why I write it.

That’s what this whole blogging thing is about. This whole life thing is about. To throw yourself out there and learn as you go. Learn what it’s about. What makes it better. What makes it worthwhile.

Interaction is what drives this learning experience. At least in the blogging world, probably the real world too, I suppose.

If there is no commenting, there is no interaction.

I get it. I understand shadow readers. I know that it is so HARD to form the right words, to say the right things, to even compose your thoughts in such a way that you can put them into words. It’s not easy.

But… if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

To write a comment, a real comment, it forces you to process the information that you have just read. It forces you to learn. And when you learn, that is when you have something worth sharing with the world, so that they can learn too.

So… get out there. Read what other people are saying to you, and to themselves. Let it reach you. And for crying out loud, let them know! It’s kind of like volunteer work, you think that you’re doing it for them, but, you are actually doing it for you.


19 thoughts on “Use Your Time Wisely! Spend It On OTHER Blogs.

  1. leeannimal403 says:

    I love reading other blogs. A significant part of my free time is spent checking out the heart words of those that love to blog like I do. This is my favorite form of social media. I might need a 12 step program to quit it lol

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    • S.D. Plotts says:

      I feel ya! My internet went down this morning. I looked around my house and was like WOWWW! Where has the mother/wife of this house been?! Then the internet came back on. I might need to work on that! lol


  2. Thumbup says:

    Liking what you said about the comments. I am not a writer. My English’s an embarrassment. It is much easier for me to respond with GIFS.
    I am deaf and my first language is sign language and it’s much easier than English language and with the sign language, very easy for me to express my emotions, thoughts, fears and whatever.
    So many times I try to write what I think on the comment box and always ended up erasing it.
    See? Right now I am embarrassed at how my English looks at your comment box but I am going to fight it and leave it there and punch post comment.
    Ok here goes.

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    • S.D. Plotts says:

      THANK YOU!!! I totally get the bravery behind hitting that “submit comment” button. I think I, no, I know I re-read my comments before hitting that button more than I do the blog posts that I publish! And, I know it’s not nearly “equal” to your experiences but, I was born deaf, my hearing started to develop when I was 3. So, technically speaking, sign language is my “native language”, although I couldn’t hold a conversation in sign language to save my life today. (This is something that I plan to change at some point in my life because I’m missing out on communicating with some very cool people!) But, I do understand where you’re coming from because it’s a place I can easily see myself having been in. And, I think you did an awesome job of expressing yourself here. Ya know what I think? I think, commenting sucks for everyone, because it’s hard. So did riding a two wheel bike before we knew how to do it. But, with practice it gets easier and easier. And, before we know it we’re soaring down the road without those darn training wheels! So, keep pushing that “submit comment” button. And again, awesome job with it here!!! πŸ™‚

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    • S.D. Plotts says:

      Always! Even on the simplest of things. Then there’s the hard stuff that really takes your mind on a roller coaster trying to form a comment. It’s weird, how such a small little comment box can hold so much power over us. But, with practice makes perfect. The more we comment, the easier it gets, and the less intimidating it all feels. And before we know it, we’re able to comment on the hard stuff!

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  3. Life as Mrs. A says:

    I just realized that I blog for the interaction too. It’s always great when someone leaves a comment ☺️ I just recently started following you, but from what I’ve read I think you’re a great blogger! Keep up the great posts!


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