Here’s to the FUTURE!

Now that the views are beginning to slow down. I am beginning to see the horizon of what is to come after my “one hit wonder”.

Yesterday, as I watched my view stats rise, all I could think was “Oh NO! I am never going to be able to top that post.” (Insert concerned face here)

I told my husband, “I wrote a post about my abortion….it has over 700 views.”

He says, “700, that’s not so many.”

Gotta love a man that keeps ya grounded!!! (Yeah, I’m so smirking.) But, he’s right.

Compared to the average 10 views my posts were getting, it was astronomical. I started really freaking out about the future of my blog. “What would I ever say after this!”

Compared to the big picture, 700 isn’t much at all. My fears of never being able to measure up to that post have slowly subsided. I was able to free my mind of that worry and really dive in and interact with you through our comments, and checking out all the blogs of those that followed mine.

Now that the pace has slowed, I have actually shut down my laptop, and stepped out side my front door for a moment. I could go back, and reflect….

Was that, my “one hit wonder”?

Who knows? Does it even matter?

Something BIG happened to my blog because of that post. Something BIG happened to me because of that post. I can’t explain it. I can’t put it into words. I’m not even sure that I understand it.

Because of all of you, I am starting to heal. Starting to grow. And, wow, have I been realizing all that I have learned through this, about SO much! And I have so much more I am still processing. I owe you guys a lot for that. Me writing it, you commenting, it was a great group effort. We make a fantastic team!

I certainly have a lot more to write. I have so much to process from sharing that very intimate piece of my life. So much more to learn. So much more, of a journey to walk with all of you.

That post. It wasn’t the end of my blog. It was the beginning!



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  1. Dearest Sarah,

    “Was that, my โ€œone hit wonderโ€?

    Who knows? Does it even matter?”

    No sweetheart it does not matter one bit. I alone, a single individual, have already been the “at least one” we mentioned before. So in that sense you have already accomplished your mission.

    But Sarah, you have done so much more than you know.

    One of the ways I have learned to identify the truth when I see it is by the way it is revealed to me. In many if not most cases, it comes from the most unexpected sources at the most unexpected times and often Sarah, those who reveal the truth to me are never even aware they have done so.

    This is my standard. This is how I know it is real. This is how I have learned to recognize the works of God through men.

    You have Served well Sarah, far more than you know.

    [Yes I’ll get busy with the followup reblog, I’m just gonna have to take my time and do it right] ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Okay…. I have “replied” to this comment twice already, and everything I say I end up thinking, “I need to write that in my post that I’m working on in the back of my mind, not here.” lol. So, thank you for your comment, God does use us all in the most mysterious of ways. It’s very cool to be able to see that truth, finally! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Can’t wait to read more of your new journey!


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