Blogging 101 Day 10

Don’t get too distracted by my ramblings of truth, as twisted as they may appear! Check out the side bar on my home page, or any of my blog posts!

See that cool little section that says “Blogs I Recommend”? Those are blogs that I, uh, recommend. (There’s definitely a smirk on my face right now.)

Today’s assignment: Create a Blogroll, Spread the Love! (Or something similar to that wording.) Basically, share with your readers the blogs that you read.

Believe it or not, I’m finally ahead of the game! (At least on this, for today, hey, it’s something!)

When I revamped my sight, uhm, site (check back to Dear Dumb Diary for a down low on that one) I added a “Blogs I Recommend” widget. This widget instantly adds the blogs I’ve followed most recently.

Now, I follow blogs for a variety of reasons. But, they all come back to, ‘I deeply enjoyed something they had to post and believe similar posts will be seen in the future.’

So… do yourself a favor (and my awesome blog friends) and check them out! Because, if you like my crap, you are sure to find some actual awesome posts in their stuff !! pc5XyKocB


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  1. I was already ahead of the game in this assignment too!

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