This is Serious! Seriously.

I figured out what the word is!

The word is….Consistency.

“Huh?!” You ask yourself. Well, if you have been following along, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, have no fear. Here’s a link to get you up to speed, Who am I? Why am I here? If you’re a skimmer, skip on down to paragraph 16 of that post, second from the last.

This morning I hopped on into my email inbox and there sat my Blogging 101 assignment for the day. Fix up that ‘About’ page. Ugh! About pages, I swear, are the hardest post that one will ever write. I let my brain play with all my amazing excuses rolling around in there. I had some pretty good ones too! My favorite… I had already wrote, re-wrote, and beefed up my about me section before.

But, I was only cheating myself if I didn’t do it. Deep down, I knew this was true. So head on over and check out my new and improved (again) About Me page. What do you think? I was pretty impressed, if I do say so myself.

Anywho, after I got done there, because I had so much free time today. (Not really, my husband is shooting daggers at the back of my head as I type this.) I clicked the link to ‘The Commons’ and ‘The Daily Post’ and checked out this trick and that trick. And that’s when it happened! I clicked on the link about staying regular.

Thankfully, it was a post about blog advice and not bowel movements, as I first feared. There it was, sitting like an angel, in the middle of the page. Bright lights illuminated it. I heard soft harps begin to play….


That is what I need to provide my readers. What I want to provide my readers. What I want to provide for myself. The how to is a little more sketchy though. But I’m working on it. Promise.

The truth is, I care about my blog. I care very much about it. I want you to care about it too. I don’t want to become another post that haphazardly appears at random on your reader. After a few months, disappearing from it all together. I want you to wake up every Friday morning (errr, Monday morning?) and spring from your bed, running from your coffee pot, tripping over your slippers, and diving into your computer… to see what new adventures we are going to traverse together on my blog today.

Frankly though, it’s not that easy to do. As I said, I care about my blog. I want you to care about it. But, I also care about my husband (even if he’s contemplating that truth right now), I care about my kids, my work, my car, my bills, my laundry, my yard, even my dog, Scruffy.

The point is, sometimes life gets in the way of my blog. Now, I know there’s this cool editorial tool that I can use to schedule my posts. Rather than typing out three inspired post over the weekend (like I did this weekend). I could schedule them to appear to you throughout the week, or even every Friday… (or Monday?), at a precise time.

I know I have this tool at my disposal. So, silly me, why am I not using it?

Because, when I am inspired to write, I am freaking excited! I want to get that post to you NOW! Even to the point that I edit it after I post it, a few times.

So, since this is so totally your fault and you should suffer the consequences of my impulsiveness (I’m just kidding here)… I think I may have found a routine to solve this problem. I way to stay consistent. Yup, that’s definitely going to end up being my word for the day.

Long story short, I am going to try out this whole scheduling tool idea….

Wish me luck!

*Okay… in retrospect… maybe it wasn’t all THAT seriously serious.


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