Who am I? Why am I Here?

After nearly a year of online blogging I thought that it might be time to learn how to blog.

I signed up for a course. For those that are familiar with WordPress, Blogging 101, an online course to encourage you to…. Well, I’m not actually sure. I skimmed the description over a month ago and really only remember thinking, specifically, “What the hell, it can’t hurt anything.”

So here I am, the first task at hand…. Introduce yourself to the world.

World, let me start by admitting that I’m a week late starting this course. I’m sure this speaks volumes about who I am as a person. Although I’m not really sure what volumes those would be…. I’ve been doing other things, such as working, raising my children, cleaning my house, paying my bills, and other such nonsense. Regardless, here I am, now. But, who am I?

I am 30 years old. I have blueish hazel eyes. I have reddish brown shoulder length hair, with bangs. Bangs that I regretted getting the second I felt the snip of the stylists scissors. I have the normal complexion of a slightly tanned Irish girl. I’m 5 foot 1 and 1/2 inches tall. Although, if anyone asks, I will undoubtedly tell them that I am 5′ 2″. Come on, I just can’t afford to not round up, and wearing all those tall shoes are a pain!

But, that’s not really who I am…. I am a mother. A wife. A daughter. A sister. A co-worker. An employee. A blogger. A Christian. A smoker…. With each of these roles there is so much more that they entail. I budget finances. I clean, endlessly of course. I maintain schedules and track appointments. I listen. I give advice. I laugh. I cry. I help… or at least I try to help.

But, those aren’t really who I am either. They’re just what I do. What I look like. So, WHO am I?

Well, I guess that’s part of why I originally started blogging. To find out who I am, what I’m about, and all that fun self-learning kind of stuff.

Why publicly? Well… why not? At heart, I am a writer. Honestly, I am a writer that, apparently, needs an audience. Not to sound like an attention seeker, but… to be frank about it…. It is a completely different world between writing in a private journal and posting on an online blog. Try it. It doesn’t matter if you think you are the worlds worst writer. I assure you that you are not. Write one private journal entry on a scrap of paper in the privacy of your home. Then, write one very public online blog post. Notice the difference? Something in that difference is what I, as a writer, need. That’s all it is.

Online blogging does hinder me in some ways. There are certain aspects, events, of my life that I don’t share. I have a husband. I have step children who are now young adults. I have my own children who are aging much quicker than I prefer. Simply put, my life is a reflection of theirs, as is theirs to mine. I can’t write about certain things simply because it is also their story that they might not take so kindly to being shared. I have yet to learn how to write about certain aspects of our lives without overstepping the boundaries of their expected right to privacy. This is something I look forward to learning though.

Yes, I have tried the anonymous route. It just doesn’t hold the same appeal or provide the same benefits. I’m really not sure why, but so far, it hasn’t worked for me. And yes, it’s my life and I can share if I want to…. But, it is their hurt, which is also my life….

Onto the next aspect of discovery… what topics do I plan to cover? This is an ironically amusing question for me. I hardly plan my next step after crawling out of bed. No, actually I do. Generally speaking, I have a to-do list for even the most mundane of days. But, when I write… when I write it is so much different. I don’t plan one sentence from the next. They pour out of me like drops of water over Niagara Falls. I am as surprised, amazed, and baffled by what I post as you are.

I do have a plan of action though. A goal? When I read other blog posts, articles, writings, the ones that I like, I mean really like, are the ones that I connect to. I feel what the writer feels. I read as though I am the writer. I feel like I learned something personal about them, something indicating that they are real. They are human. That, is my goal. I want to write like that. I want to reach through this computer screen and grab your soul!

Okay, that might have came across a little creepier than I intended. I want to be real with you. I want to be personal with you. I want to connect with you and let you know that I’m human too. My topics are a little all over the place. I have no intention of changing this. I write about whatever is on my mind and drives me to write. But my goal, that remains the same. I want to be a writer that, simply put, reaches her readers.

That pretty much summed up the next two suggested questions; who do want to connect with via your blog, and what do you hope to accomplish within the next year of blogging?

I want to connect with you. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, what you look like. I want to connect with you, in its true definition. Within the next year of blogging, I hope to learn how to do this and… have some fun while we’re at it. I also want to learn how to be more, hmm… what’s the word I’m looking for? Routine, possibly? I randomly post. I post when I’m inspired to post. This can be a few times a week…. Or, it could be a couple times in a month. Once, I even went two months without a single post. I want to be more dependable. I want you to be able to count on me to post something regularly. I’d love to be so diligent as to have a post published every Friday morning at 10am. But, let’s not get crazy here! Realistically, I’d just like to be a bit more routine in when I have something new for you to read.

Aside from that… on to Blogging 101 assignment #2. Don’t laugh, I’ve got a weeks worth of work to catch up to!


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